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 General Question - all reliability! - devonite
No posts in here for over a month!! - are modern cars this reliable now!! ;-))
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 General Question - 17 all reliability! - Haywain
"No posts in here for over a month!! "

I'm waiting to catch up with my DiL, then I'll update the thread regarding water ingress into a Toyota Yaris.

You have a point though, if something goes wrong with a modern car, there's not usually much that the ordinary punter can do about it other than 'take it in'.
 General Question - 17 all reliability! - Dutchie
Not much you can do with a modern car.Tyres,check winscreen washer and oil level.

Regular servicing and a computer needed.
 General Question - 17 all reliability! - maltrap
They're far more reliable. That's why you don't see the AA man on his motorbike & sidecar saluting you at the side of the road ! In the old days any mechanic working on your car would be wearing a boiler suit and carrying a spanner & an 'ammer. Nowadays its a tie & a laptop !
 General Question - 17 all reliability! - bathtub tom
>>Nowadays its a tie & a laptop !

An' they don't 'av' a clue where to 'it it wiv de 'ammer!
 General Question - 17 all reliability! - VxFan
But they still make the same intake of breath noise as they open the bonnet, whist shaking their head.
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