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 Bloodhound goes into administration - henry k
 Bloodhound goes into administration - Shiny
Good. They shouldn't be doing it in Communist South Africa what with all the white farmers and their kids being raped, tortured, burned alive or otherways slaughtered.
 Bloodhound axed - henry k
 Bloodhound axed - God
Brexit'll be next.

 Bloodhound axed - Aretas
I have, for years, been collecting every article I can about this project. When it achieved the 1000mph target I was planning to give a talk to our U3A science group. Never mind -win some, loose some.
 Bloodhound axed - henry k
I still have my certificate for my name on the fin.
Ian invited me to go to the salt pan ( before circumstances grounded me)
Ho Hum.
 Bloodhound goes into administration - Kevin
If you do a bit of research you will find that victims of violent crime in South Africa are disproportionately black or 'coloured'.
 Bloodhound goes into administration - maltrap
What about the perpetrators ?
 Bloodhound supersonic car project saved - henry k
 Bloodhound supersonic car project saved - God
Brilliant! .. I thought the project had gorn for good.
 Bloodhound goes close to 500 mph. - henry k
Just six runs to date.
Next year the rocket engine is added.
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