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 Insurance quotes for a yet to be qualified driver - Slightlyfatdirector
My Daughter has started to learn to drive, and is already making progress and has her theory test next week and if she passes this then she hopes to apply for her main test straight after.

We have had the family conversation about first cars, and what she does / doesn't want (it will be her money buying the car), and we have mentioned insurance quotes as a contributory factor to consider.

She will be looking at spend between £3k and £5k on a car and likes the DS3 she is learning in, so that is on the start of a short-list as would be a Polo. Mini came on then off, but might go back on...

I have suggested that she also consider the next class of car size up, (Focus, Golf, etc) as I have a feeling (yet to be proven or researched) that these might be lower in price to buy than super-mini's (less demand?) and maybe not significantly more expensive to insure, and the more mass of car around her should she (heaven forbid, but statistically not nice reading) have an accident - the better.

Even she does not want something Fiat 500-sized as she thinks it would be too small to be safe.

She might end up doing some reasonable length drives (40-50 miles) socially, plus some more motorway work within the next few years depending on where she gets a work placement (currently in Uni) so again a bigger car appeals to me (if not quite on her radar yet).

We have discussed whether there is actually any point in her having a car, as she can't use it at Uni (no parking), and will also have a three month work placement starting in January, plus on the weekend she is out of Uni then her boyfriend drives her most places, or she gets the train t his parent's place to stay.

In the holidays she rarely gets out of bed whilst it's daylight...

Anyway, she wants to have the flexibility of having a car to hand.

My wife's Golf GTI and my company hearse, ... sorry, E-Class estate.. is a company car and neither therefore are practical for her to use instead.

I was thinking that he being insured on a car that she rarely uses means that she will get her first few years NCB with little risk of a claim and this could be a good thing

My wife and I have thought we would be on any policy she takes out and could take it for a fortnightly spin too.

The depreciation in this time has been discussed, but it's not like she is spending £20k on something that's value will fall like a stone, and she plans to keep any car for a number of years.

So the question is, how do we get rough 'ball-park' but not miles-away insurance prices / quotes as she is not yet passed her test, and we do not have a specific car / reg to get a quote on?

I don't want to be spending hours and hours online when all the basics I need to know is that a Polo 1.2TSI might cost 'X' to insure, a DS3 1.6 might cost 'Y' and a Focus 1.0 / 1.4 / 1.6 might cost 'Z'

Is there a simple way to do so that is also not 'dodgy'. I know quotes may show on files (not sure what files though..., just something in the back of my mind...) and it seems a bit dodgy to purport to be 'M.Mouse' at a different address.

I can't be the first person in this position here, so any logical and practical tips would be gratefully appreciated please!

Any other feedback from the forum on the above topic also gratefully received!

 Insurance quotes for a yet to be qualified driver - Crankcase
Would just looking at insurance groups for specific models at least rank them, even if you didn't have prices yet?
 Insurance quotes for a yet to be qualified driver - No FM2R
Other than the potential for future marketing spam than I cannot think of any issue with quote details being retained.

Quite the opposite; if you go to that meerkat site then it will record all the relevant details and you can simply re-quote for other vehicles as and when you choose. It's a bit of an a*** the first time, since the details are pretty complete but after that, simples.

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 Insurance quotes for a yet to be qualified driver - Zero
You make up a false person, and then go to the comparison sites.

Name: Dotir Director
Address: use your post code, then chose a different number down the road
Telephone: use your area code then any random stuff to the correct length

Fill in all toher stuff accurately.

Bingo, a price with no references attributed to anyone living or dead
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 Insurance quotes for a yet to be qualified driver - Slightlyfatdirector
Many thanks!

I was nervous to enter her details and tick the box for her having passed her test if actually at the point of getting the quote she would not have done, and knowing that the insurance industry takes a dim view of false information this is why I was cautious.

Getting an accurate quote for her as a learner yet to pass her test was not so easy as they charge a lot less when you are a learner than they do after you have passed and there was no easy way to find out what it would change to after passing.

We called one of the insurance companies who actually said that any figure they gave as an estimate would not even be vaguely reliable as premiums and their attitude to them can vary significantly from day to day so they could not help.

The on-line ‘chat’ bit on the website of an insurance company with a phone on wheels and an annoying jingle was helpful, (I have no links with them) and they said to put on the online quote system that she had passed, and as the quote would be valid for 30 days, then if she could be reasonably expected to have reached that status at that time then they were happy, so I took a couple of screen-shots of this conversation and was quite content.

Different insurance groups indicate some differences, but not how that might translate into £’s.
Interestingly a DS3 was up to an insurance group 18, whereas a Clio is an 8.

The good news is that she passed and has a more than suitable car on the drive, and with an insurance quote that I thought was very good, so happy days.
 Insurance quotes for a yet to be qualified driver - wotspur
It might be too late , but If your daughter hasn’t yet passed there is a company called Marmalde who I was informed about , after my son had passed . Before hand the premium would have been a lot less, but after passing it was an extortionate 3k for a Ford Fiesta 5 dr 12 plate .
Eventually went with First Direct at 2k , with a black box , after a years driving , his policy was not much cheaper , so I went with a company on “Comparehe “
 Insurance quotes for a yet to be qualified driver - Slightlyfatdirector
Thanks Wotspur. We ended up 'speaking' with Directline via an online chat just before she passed her test.

They were happy to give an online quote with her filling it in as if she had passed her test (even though at that point she had not) and they said that is was valid for a certain period of time so if she passed then all was good, but if not then the quote would expire.

As it was she passed, and on comparing prices at that point DirectLine were still the cheapest by a margin so the cover was purchased (with a black box with no restrictions like others) at the quoted price. I think it was £1,200 for a 68 plate 0.9 litre Clio but memory a bit rusty on that. Might have been £1,400 after we added on some extras, but good value I think.

Be interesting what it goes to at renewal..

You can see online how you have been rated by the black box for each drive. Interesting to see how I have been scoring when I have used her car when she has been away for a couple of weeks at a time and I am occasionally driving it....
 Insurance quotes for a yet to be qualified driver - No FM2R
>>. Interesting to see how I have been scoring when I have used her car

Interested to know how your score compares with you daughter's.
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