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 UK speed camera tolerances revealed - VxFan
The article is a couple of months old, but I don't think it's already been posted here.

Auto Express asked the UK’s 45 police forces via Freedom of Information requests how strictly their 3,224 speed cameras enforce limits.

The majority of the forces that responded said their cameras would only activate when drivers exceed the speed limit by 10 per cent plus 2mph, in line with prosecution guidelines from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

This means cameras won’t issue tickets until someone is driving at 35mph or more in a 30mph limit, or 79mph or more on the motorway, for example.

Full list here:-

 UK speed camera tolerances revealed - Zero
You,ll still get those claiming they were nicked at 31 mph. This is not news, been driving to those limits in camera zones for years.

 UK speed camera tolerances revealed - bathtub tom
Not all forces follow those guidelines and others won't disclose what their guidelines are.

Do you feel lucky?
 UK speed camera tolerances revealed - Zero
Yup, Clint is a myth
 UK speed camera tolerances revealed - commerdriver
>> You'll still get those claiming they were nicked at 31 mph.
You'll never get them to show you the ticket though :-)
 UK speed camera tolerances revealed - DP
I was caught on the static camera on the Finchampstead Road in Wokingham (heading towards Finchampstead) at 34 (30 limit), back in 2014.

Did a speed awareness course (at the grotty old TRL building in Crowthorne) because of it.
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