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 New type of road surface? - devonite
We, and another village near here have just had the "main-drag" through the town resurfaced, (if you can call it that) - nothing special, a Ha'peth of Tar spoilt by a coating of sharp-edged Granite chippings chucked over it . Usually they don't even roll-it, just run a Sweeper over it and call it done! -This time however, they have done, but with some type of Caterpillar-tracked machine which has left the whole of the road area corrugated for the entire length of the workings - about a mile.
When driving over it at 20, the whole car vibrates, hums and rattles, as do your teeth and ears!!
I would estimate at first glance so to speak, that 90% of the traffic that used that road, now are using various other rat-runs through the town turning quiet residential streets into busy roads!

The Granite chippings are bad enough, I reckon they cut 10,000 miles off my tyre life! but these corrugations will cut 10yrs off your car life.
I hope they were caused inadvertently by an inept contractor who will be charged with righting said mess at their own expense (not my Council Tax!) and NOT a new style of surface being sprayed out across the County.

Strong letter of Fire an Brimstone on it's way to Whitehaven - as I suspect are many more!!
 New type of road surface? - Fullchat
Standby on the complaint letter/email.

You do realise this is probably the work of a road milling machine?

Ultimately there is only so many layers that can be put on top of each other. Removes previous layers of tarmac and chippings to provide a good surface for the next layer of tarmac.
This is the foundation work for a good job :)
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 New type of road surface? - Manatee
Road planers are commonly used without leaving the kind of striations described here, even in the newly planed surface let alone the finished one. And it would be unusual to plane before tar-spraying and chipping.
 New type of road surface? - R.P.
What Fullchat says. They've just done one of our local A routes in this way, what they did then was the chippings thing and then a bitumen surface to bind or seal it. It's great on the bike providing very good levels of adhesion. All the pot holed bits were cut out and proper old fashioned sealed edge tarmac was cut in.
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