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 MG - MG ZS EV - Lygonos

MG have taken 1000 UK orders in past two weeks, no doubt helped by offering a £3.5k discount on top of the £3.5k EV grant.

£21.5k for decent specced version or £23.5k for very well specced one after discounts.

Chinese built of course. Reckon 150 real mile range from 44.5kWh pack. 0-60 in 8.5s. (autocar vid)

Looks like an inoffensive entry to electric motoring and apparently SAIC who own MG won't have the 'battery problems' of Hyundai/KIA.
 MG - MG ZS EV - sooty123

looks like they've extended their offer for another 1000 cars.
 MG - MG ZS EV - Crankcase
And only 10k more than they told us it would be six months ago too. Bargain.
 MG - MG ZS EV - sooty123
They were supposed to be 11k?
 MG - MG ZS EV - Crankcase
Hmm. This is annoying.

Yes, I made a note on the 13th March about the reported specs, and sent them to a neighbour. I have the dated note at least.

At the time, the press was reporting "under 13k and a range of 250 miles". However, I didn't make a note of the specific websites that were reporting that, because they all were, as were some newspapers. Obviously, as it was so ridiculously impossible, I double checked, and that's what the press were saying everywhere.

If you NOW google, all those old articles have either disappeared, or been edited to have the new figures in, which are much less impressive of course.

The Wayback machine doesn't help, as I foolishly didn't record a particular address.

So either my contemporaneous notes were wrong and I imagined it, or the whole thing was a misunderstanding/publicity stunt at the time.

Having spent ten minutes trying to find an archived article with the original figures I got bored, so you'll either have to take my word for it or be a more patient internet searcher than I am.
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 MG - MG ZS EV - sooty123
The press probably all copied an incorrect press statement without thinking. I'm not sure the company ever claimed those prices.
 MG - MG ZS EV - Lygonos
I expect you made an error CC.

I follow EV news and din't remember any such numbers.

163 miles is 260km - perhaps you'd seen Aussie or Far East reports?
 MG - MG ZS EV - sooty123

Here you go. Chinese only pricing, I think it's that price for the petrol powered version. I don't think they can sell them at that price. I think it's a mistake.

On another forum, someone was looking at one in February this year, the dealer said 'around 20k'.

I think it'll be some time before EVs fall to 11k brand new.
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 MG - MG ZS EV - Lygonos
MG do mention the urban cycle WLTP is 231 miles in their bumf so maybe that was it?

Would make an excellent private hire car except it doesn't have a rear centre headrest which many local authorities mandate.

Rapid charging max is ~80kW if you can find a CCS capable of >50kW (rare in UK but starting to roll out)
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 MG - MG ZS EV - Dulwich Estate II
I buy and use Chinese made products simply because I have little other choice. It's very hard to avoid them (if you want affordable prices) and still participate in the modern world - recent purchases include an electric kettle, drill, underpants and so on.

At present though, I just could not bring myself to buy a car made in China because there is plenty of choice.

Why this attitude? It's regime thing.
 MG - MG ZS EV - Lygonos
Hopefully you're not sponsoring the Middle East regimes by using petroleum also.

 MG - MG ZS EV - Dulwich Estate II
Like I said ....

" It's very hard to avoid them (if you want affordable prices) and still participate in the modern world."

 MG - MG ZS EV - Lygonos
Isn't it just.

I expect the biggest threat to totalitarianism in China is the increased prosperity and education of the populace.

Then it'll be just like the USA - land of freedom and opportunity for all.

Tee hee hee.
 MG - MG ZS EV - No FM2R
Realise it or not the "western" society is what it wants to be and what the citizens of elsewhere aspire to be.

The end point is not that they take over us, it is that they become us.

And then they have to deal with the challenges and difficulties that we have.
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 MG - MG ZS EV - Boxsterboy
An EV evangelist friend of mine was waxing lyrical about these cars at a party recently.

To me they are cheap if you want an EV, but pretty much everything else about them can be bettered by the competition. SAIC may have ready supplies of batteries, but the supply of complete cars still seems uncertain.
 MG - MG ZS EV - Crankcase
Kinda wish I hadn't fallen out of love with EVs, but there we are.
 MG - MG ZS EV - Avant
That's interesting, as you're one of the few people on the forum who has actually had one - a Zoe if I remember right.

Was it that the financial sums didn't add up, or was the range too short for the use you were putting it to? Or a bit of both?
 MG - MG ZS EV - Crankcase

>> Was it that the financial sums didn't add up, or was the range too short
>> for the use you were putting it to? Or a bit of both?

My order of priority was always the money, then the greenery bits.

When I had the Zoe the EV world was different. The car was cheap as buttons. Public charging was a nuisance and very slow, but free. Given it was such a nuisance, free was the right price.

Today, the cars are no longer cheap as buttons. All the super deals to get you into an EV are long gone.

Public charging, at least around here, has not improved one billionth of a jot. There are broken chargers still, some of which I reported as broken literally years ago and was told "next month" for fixing, and no new ones.

The chargers that do work are generally no longer free. The prices asked sometimes exceed the equivalent cost in petrol.

The motorway chargers are no longer free.

The range is barely enough for my needs even on the most expensive car.

The MG for example, has a range of 150 advertised. Let's be really generous and assume that to be true, though I bet that's best case. So that's 75 miles out, then you need to find a charger and hope it's not blocked by someone or in use already and hope it's working and then pay and wait and wait and wait, so you can get home.

We do loads of day trips where that wouldn't work, either because we are going further than that, or because there simply are no chargers near where we are going, or because who wants that hassle anyway?

So EV is firmly in second car local runabout territory and we don't have a use for a second car.

For us, at present, an affordable EV no longer works.

I can see that for those without those constraints and requirements, and for whom the novelty hasn't worn off, an EV is just fine.
 MG - MG ZS EV - No FM2R
Sadly there is almost no EV infastructure here.

Especially sad since MGs are 20% - 30% cheaper here.

 MG - MG ZS EV - sooty123
Is there much in the way of home charging, do any business fit all the chargers at home? Or pretty much unheard of?
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