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 Hyundai i10 - coolant woes - slowdown avenue
thought I would share this. needed to change coolant on I 10 nearly ten years old 85 k
all the information says use red coolant. it came out green and looked pretty good ,to be fair. so I trot down to main dealer , best get the right stuff. . they check registration and come back with 2 1 litre plastic bottles. on checking this is concentrated its BLUE and is universal. said I thought I would get a 5 litre can of diluted. No this is what we use in all Hyundai cars, Look there's the part number. [ it doesn't say Hyundai on the package]' .
checked it with a mechanic outside, said yes that's it, just mix with tap water
 Hyundai i10 - coolant woes - bathtub tom
On my last car I used to syphon half a yoghurt potful out and pop it in the freezer overnight. It always came out liquid, so I never bothered changing it.
Did wonder about the efficacy of the corrosion inhibitor, but could never find an answer about how long it remains effective.
 Hyundai i10 - coolant woes - Shiny
Is it this?
 Hyundai i10 - coolant woes - Zero
Red, green, blue? If you mix them is it black?
 Hyundai i10 - coolant woes - slowdown avenue
yes . that's the stuff . I paid £8.60 a litre.
 Hyundai i10 - coolant woes - Shiny
That's the genuine KIA/Hyundai stuff for the UK.
IIRC it is rebadged Granviile Sub-zero.
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