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 Car wow! - Crankcase
I'm the kind of person who agonises forever about car buying, and about getting the right price.

Yesterday, I came across the other kind of buyer. Settle down, and I'll bore you with it.

Took my Ford Focus in for five year service. I'd already checked the price on the web (£205 with a discount voucher I'd found), so was pleasantly surprised for the dealer to offer a price of £162. Given that includes a year of Ford UK, European and "at home" breakdown cover, that was pretty impressive. Especially as when they did the bill, unmentioned by them and not asked for by me, the oil had a 50% discount. Who knows?

ANYWAY, the story.

Whilst waiting (as I had chosen to do), in their swanky new showroom, a chap came in. He had one of those voices that carry, older gentleman, with his wife. Awfully well spoken, the type Cambridge is full of. His conversation with the slightly open mouthed sales guy was:

Man: Hello. I've just made some changes to the garaging for my cars, and the B-Max is a bit too wide to go in. Do you have something narrower?

Sales guy: Well, I, um, I'd have to check...

Man: (walks to new Mondeo): Oh look, this is nice. Is this narrower than my B-Max?

Sales guy: Well, I...

Man: Oh yes, very nice. Look, I'll test drive it tonight ok?

Sales guy: There's a £2000 manager's special on that car sir.

Man: Really? Oh well - (to wife) look dear, it looks about the right height. Yes ok, never mind the test drive, it's a Ford. It's got more toys than I really wanted, but...yes, all right, I'll have one then.

Walks off with sales guy to do deal.

That is not a world I understand at all, but good luck to him! Hope the sale went through.

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 Car wow! - Runfer D'Hills
Edinburgh has a few of those. About 25 years ago I was with a friend in the city in his clapped out, unfeasably rusty Escort van. The back doors were held shut with string.

He's astonishingly posh but equally scruffy. Holes in his jumper, tousled hair, oil streaks on his battered chinos etc. You get the picture.

Anyway, it was a Saturday morning and he randomly mentioned that he was fed up with the van and wanted an estate car.

I enquired what sort of estate and he said he didn't know really but as we were passing one of the two Mercedes dealers who operated in the city at the time, he just swung in and parked up on their forecourt muttering something about his dad having had one and having liked it.

Once in the showroom, we were totally ignored despite trying our best to catch the eye of any of the staff. Admittedly I too wasn't looking my best either as we'd being doing a tip run and I suppose we both looked a bit bedraggled.

However, he did rather take to an E Class estate in the showroom but once again, it proved impossible to engage anyone in more than perfunctory conversation.

We left and headed for the other Merc dealer. Entering there, we were greeted by a charming young man who genuinely seemed to want to help.

There was a navy blue E Class estate in their showroom. My friend simply asked how much that one would be and was told that it was £33,000.

Oh ok then he says, returns to the van and comes back with a carrier bag full of cash. ( he had several shops and I presume those were the takings )

The deal was done within ten minutes and he picked the car up on the Monday.

Much to my chagrin, he didn't attempt to deal at all.

Didn't ask what engine or spec he was buying and simply said he wanted that car as soon as they could get it ready.

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 Car wow! - sooty123
How the other half live eh?
 Car wow! - henry k
IIRC. Mike Hailwood and another GP Driver, in jeans or similar, went to a MB main dealer's showrooms to buy cars.
They were not treated as customers so left and bought a couple of Citroen SMs.
 Car wow! - zippy
Went to the local Vauxhall dealer with a view to buy 20 cars, as we had just taken on a bunch of new sales staff and the message hadn’t been sent to the fleet manager.

The cars were To be mostly diesel Astras, an SRI, and a couple of Cavaliers as we managed our own fleet. We weren’t actually too worried about price as we needed the cars within two weeks.

Director and I were unexpectedly in tatty jeans and t-shirts after an incident at work that got us messy. We did wash and shower before going.

The dealer principal refused to see us despite having an appointment and being a wholly owned subsidiary of one of the UK’s big 4 banks, with almost the same name and being one of the biggest private employers in the town.

We popped in to the Ford garage without appointment and they could supply us with half the cars quickly (Escorts and Sierras) and then to Peugeot for the rest (305s, 405, and a 205gti).

This was before mobiles were common and the Ford dealer called up the Peugeot dealer to make sure someone was there as it was early closing Wednesday.

We got good prices and agreed service costs. Neither cared for how we looked and the Ford dealer sent Mrs Z and the director’s Mrs a bouquet of flowers as a thank you.

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