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 A mad project - Crankcase
I know here are a few here who enjoy stuff about fixing, repairing, modifying and generally messing about with cars, Edd China style.

If you've missed it, I bring you Project Binky on YouTube.

From the opening credits to the last moments, it's full of silly humour around an intriguing project and a guy who Knows His Stuff.


 A mad project - Fullchat
I really wish you hadn't given us that link! :)

5 down and its a nice day outside.

Brilliant fabrication skills.
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 A mad project - Crankcase
Brilliant indeed. I wish I had that kind of skill, but anything practical eludes me.

Only yesterday I decided to tackle a broken cupboard door handle I have been nagged about. I decided to glue it.

Once I stood up from the job I discovered how interesting it is when you have inadvertently superglued your trousers to your leg.

And this morning I came down to discover the handle had dropped off again.

 A mad project - Shiny
Thanks for the heads up - just seen it's from 2013!
 A mad project - helicopter
Made me laugh Crankcase.

Reminds me of Danny Bakers story of assembling an Ikea bedside cabinet on the bedroom floor and calling his wife to show it off.

He then tried to get up and fell over having managed to screw his foot to the floor through his sock.

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