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 Zoe Mark 3 - Crankcase
Another update to the Renault Zoe EV announced.

"About the same price as the existing one" - so that's going to be sub 25k, as the existing one is about 22k.

Performance increase.

All new design of cabin tech etc.

245 miles range - historically Renault have been conservative and accurate with their range predictions - I'd expect a good 250-260 out of it if I were driving it, without too much bother.

Can't be bad for the money, if it fits what you need.
 Zoe Mark 3 - Bobby
Do Renault still charge monthly hire of batteries?
 Zoe Mark 3 - Crankcase
You always had the choice of that and a lower priced car, or pay more for the car but own the battery too. Depends on your anticipated mileage which is best for you.

Dunno what they're doing with this new one.
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