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 Driving abroad as named driver - smokie
Any issues with the above? We're planning a motoring tour next spring (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany) and I'd prefer to take SWMBOs car, but there's no way she would drive abroad.
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 Driving abroad as named driver - Fullchat
Firstly check the policy. I have found that when they talk about 'extends to cover abroad', slipped in there can be the words 'minimum cover' which means 3rd party cover only. So you could be without cover to your own vehicle and collision recovery costs.

For not a great deal of money on my wife's car, on which I am a named driver, the insurance company extended the full cover and conditions of the police into Europe for the time I required. The also issued a Green Card (which isn't required at the moment). It does of course necessitate a phone call. Think it was Direct Line.
 Driving abroad as named driver - smokie
Thanks. My previous understanding was that your own cover gives minimum legal cover in each EU country (which varies from country to country) but paying extra for a green card brought the level of insurance to that you have at home - though thinking about it, that's probably just the insurer I was with at the time. ( I have a feeling that may have been Direct Line, and the green card was free for 3 or 5 days but about £30 for a week or so).

You've made me think though that a phone call is probably the best place for me to get a reliable answer.
 Driving abroad as named driver - CGNorwich
Just read your policy. You will be covered automatically for TP cover throughout the EU as stated in your certificate. Your policy most likely also gives full coverage for say 30 days whilst abroad. Some companies may require notice of foreign use but this is becoming more unusual unless you exceed the maximum period granted automatically by the policy.

Currently no green card required in EU but all may change if we "Take Back Control".
 Driving abroad as named driver - Dulwich Estate II
Maybe also take a signed letter that states you are driving it with the owner's permission.
 Driving abroad as named driver - smokie
Good point (though she will be sitting beside me!! LOL)
 Driving abroad as named driver - Bromptonaut
We've always done that on basis that full cover per UK extends to EU/EEA with or without notice according to rules of company at time. LV don't need us to tell them.

Did check carefully that there were no additional restrictions when under 25s drive in Europe before letting either child take helm abroad.
 Driving abroad as named driver - Fullchat
I was under the impression that my fully comp. cover extended into Europe until I wanted to take the motorcycle abroad for the second time and I read the small print. It stated that the policy provided the minimum legal cover in whichever country was being visited which as in his country is 3rd party. So for the first visit I was under insured.
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