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 Skoda Fabia Monte-Carlo 2016 - First Impression - Bromptonaut
Mr Moo asked about my new car.

Still only done about 200 miles and was going to wait a bit before posting a 'first impressions' thread but since it's been raised I'll give a report now.

So far well pleased with it. Only use has been work commute and domestic tasks. Nothing at NSL type speed apart from on A45 round Northampton and dodging onto M1 last night 'cos Ring Road looked slow. It's nippy enough in traffic and, with gears used sensibly, on m/way lane changes too. Not quite as torquey as the diesel Roomie but less noise under throttle. Ride is OK, 45 profile tyres c/p 55 on the Roomster are a little firmer and possibly noisier. Fronts are Rixen whereas I'd normally go for premium like Michelin or Pirelli, might change them sooner rather than later.

The Monte Carlo trim brings high back sports seats. Got comfortable driving position sorted after a day or two. Seems to lack under thigh support compared to the Roomie but may still be permutations to explore. Pedals slightly different too; feels like slightly less space for left foot around clutch.

Everything control wise falls to hand as it matched the Roomster. H&V controls are rotary switches with buttons for A/C and recirculate. Radio has push/rotary on off but with a touch screen for tuning. Came configured to ape push buttons and I'll probably leave it like that. Choice of channels on digital radio is mind boggling. Got it set up for those I'm most likely to want (BBC R2-5, Classic FM, BBC World and a couple of golden oldies channels). It pairs with my phone and can access my Amazon music playlists that way but annoyingly it can't offer full track control.

Touch screen also controls a lot of vehicle parameters like DRL on/off, trip display functions etc. Still getting to grips with this. Stop/start is still a bit of a mystery. More than once it's stopped but then re-started spontaneously, presumably because of temperature or electrical load.

Had a minor issue with de-mist and persistent front screen condensation. Mix I think of previous owner's failure to keep inside spotless and clogged cabin filter - sorted after I took it back to dealer.

Some wrinkles to sort out as it was previously on VAG extended servicing but was switched to fixed on transfer to me. Miss-communication between sales, workshop and myself meant this wasn't clear. That may account for why cabin air filter wasn't changed when it should have been.
 Skoda Fabia Monte-Carlo 2016 - First Impression - zippy
It's sounding good.

>>More than once it's stopped but then re-started spontaneously, presumably because of
>>temperature or electrical load.

I find that putting my car in engaging the handbrake if foot is on the brake can start the engine up again. In a previous car, just touching the clutch pedal would switch the engine on again.

Other features like air-con, heater coming on etc are also likely to impact it.

 Skoda Fabia Monte-Carlo 2016 - First Impression - Netsur
We have two cars with stop start. Both have a mind of their own. You could be in permanent urban grind for days and stop start works regularly or you could have been on a long motprway trip and when you reach the first traffic light, the engine stays running. Never worked it out why and how.
 Skoda Fabia Monte-Carlo 2016 - First Impression - Mr Moo
Sounds promising. Thanks Bromptonaut.

Will be interesting how you settle back to petrol after years of being a diesel devotee. I’m going to be making the same journey next year. At least the ‘lingo will still give you access to a diesel for now at least and the prodigious low down torque can’t be beaten for lugging a ‘van.

 Skoda Fabia Monte-Carlo 2016 - First Impression - R.P.
I loved my old Rommie Scout but had to sell it after my first wife died for something more practical due to changed circumstances (CRV was a fine motor). When I was waiting for my bus yesterday (see other thread) I spotted a very nice looking Octavia VRS...if it was an estate and petrol, I'd be tempted.
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