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 Vauxhall & Peugeot...and now Fiat... - R.P.

Mega merger.
 Vauxhall & Peugeot...and now Fiat... - Duncan
>> Mega merger.

Well, at least they are doing the decent thing and lumping all the cars you don't want to buy under one brand.
 Vauxhall & Peugeot...and now Fiat... - Zero
Vauxhall plants in the UK are toast. They were at risk before brexit when they were GM, PSA buy out put them at more risk, PSA/FIAT more or less kills them, Brexit supplies the gun and ammo.
 Vauxhall & Peugeot...and now Fiat... - Boxsterboy
They say no plant closures are planned world-wide (apart from Brexit) but they will surely have to to fully achieve the economies of scale that the deal will give them. They’ve just invested in Luton to expand van assembly using PSA platform instead of old Renault platform so that may be safer than Ellesmere Port?
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