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 Austin (Rover) - Amazing looking Mini. - R.P. come I never knew about this !
 Austin (Rover) - Amazing looking Mini. - PeterS
While it’s a lovely little thing, surely the ‘B’ pillar provides a reasonable amount of structural rigidity to the original...? I like the colour - really suits it. Though, it’s blue surely, not grey!
 Austin (Rover) - Amazing looking Mini. - God
From the same page ... I had one of these in that very colour, boy did I think I was the bees knees going down Gt. Dover St. sowf lunden c1977.

 Austin (Rover) - Amazing looking Mini. - Duncan


I think that car has classic good looks.

Shame they don't say that about you.

 Austin (Rover) - Amazing looking Mini. - God
>>I think that car has classic good looks.

Indeed, better than the 260/280 which followed.

>>Shame they don't say that about you

I could still pull a bird ... as long as it was oven-ready!
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