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 Modern car headlights - legacylad
Driving home from the airport tonight, 5 of us in my pals year old Golf hybrid, we got to chatting about how good modern headlamps are at illuminating the road, especially driving on unlit fast country A roads.
The Argos back catalogue thread reminded me of my Carello spot lamps, bolted onto the front of my Mk1 Golf GTi ( AUM 880X) with stabilising bars on the top. They stood about 6” proud of the bumper, looked ridiculous ( hindsight) and were definitely highly illegal.
And I’m not overly impressed with that hybrid Golf either. Limited boot space due to battery pack, ride nothing special, and sitting in the middle of the rear seat feet astride a great big tunnel didn’t help. What’s all that about being it’s FWD ? And it cost a load of money.
 Modern car headlights - R.P.
I was contemplating that the other evening after driving home from the NEC in the MX5. Superb lighting on main and dip beams from its small LED units. They are adaptive which is a worthwhile difference. They are actually better than the BMW's LEDs, but they are good.
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