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 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Lemma
We lent our Yaris to our daughter for a long run she made recently, safer and more comfortable than her city car. Sadly she has lost the key and with only one left I am keen to get a replacement. A local locksmith who does car keys was unable to help. I visited Timpsons, always my last port of call since they damaged my watch replacing a battery, to find that it would cost £70 for a new key, and that without remote locking buttons.

I would welcome any great insights as to the cheapest key replacement service. On a previous occasion when she borrowed the car it came back without a wing mirror cover, a mere £35 on that occasion. At this rate it will be cheaper for me to pay for a chauffeur.
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Zero
What can be done very much depends on the age of the car. A modern one, and you could be looking at expense and agro.
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - CGNorwich
Since it may well cost £200 plus check to see if covered under your home insurance. Should be included under personal possessions.
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - bathtub tom
I suggest you post the question on the Toyota Yaris forum, I've found them very helpful:
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Bobby
Daughters eh!!!

Mine has an Aygo. One key has the remote fob on it and thats the one she uses. Her second is key only and although its got a chip in it, the car will not start with the key - engine will turn but not start.

Every so often I remind my daughter that if she loses her main key she is snookered and she should really not wait until that point to replace it. She still hasn't.
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - R.P.
Try the dealer...they can be surprisingly reasonable...(BMW key and Springer pup experience)
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Zero
Don't let the Springer near your Volvo key, 400 quid
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Lemma
Thanks all for your suggestions. It seems a chap on the Toyota forum has a similar attitude to Timpsons as myself. I will give the dealer a call and see what they suggest. My daughter, another Aygo driver, has been “motivated” to redouble her search efforts. But if nothing results I will try a security company nearby that a friend has suggested. I am nervous about delaying too long, Murphy’s law and all that.
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Bobby
Does the Yaris have an immobiliser chip in the key like the Aygo does?
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - henry k
My suggestion is to keep searching the Toyota forums to at least get a full picture of the options.
plus cost of cutting plus coding.
Looking at my daughters Y2000 Yaris key , that should be easy to cut.

I can only comment re Jaguar X type keys but I suspect some aspects of Toyota are similar.
Cost of a OE replacement from main dealer varies but may be £200 ++.
Three requirements for mine having got a blank replacement a. cut the physical shaft of the key. b. code the remote door locking etc. c program the transponder chip with the car.
c. is the expensive task, with the car present the main dealer plugging in the diagnostic kit and using appropriate software.
Not all locksmiths have the kit. The diagnostic kit is available and some folks DIY.

I have two fully functioning keys. With these I can program additional keys/ transponders myself.
Folks with only one key can get a "copy" from some locksmiths but it is literally a copy and does not allow programming additional keys.

 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - R.P.
He's a lot better these days ;-)
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - VxFan
>> He's a lot better these days ;-)

You let him have the key provided he doesn't start anything ;)
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Zero
>> >> He's a lot better these days ;-)
>> You let him have the key provided he doesn't start anything ;)

Yeah he's a switched on owner.
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Duncan

They replaced the key for EIs Yaris.
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 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - Lemma
OK, job done. A highly recommended local security company cut the key and programmed it for £64.95. No central locking buttons, just key operated but good enough for me. I don't think I can programme another key from the replacement should the second original key be lost, that is an auto electrician job involving connecting up to the car etc, and a mere £200. The remaining original will be securely looked after :-). My Avensis is in for service next month so out of interest I will enquire as to the process and cost when I am at the dealer.
 Toyota Yaris II/Vitz - Lost key - henry k
A good result and a job for a local organisation.
Thanks for updating us.
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