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 Accident Hotspot. - R.P.

The above was an RTC recorded on a dash-cam nearly three years ago.

There have been a load of accidents along this stretch since we moved to the area, including this one which happened in exactly the same spot as the first one.

I have driven or ridden this road regularly in many types of vehicles, the road has some adverse camber issues, occasionally slippery with diesel (had a twitch in the MX5 last year).

Any views on the tyres on the Freelander in the latest one...
 Accident Hotspot. - Zero
Looks like its got jacked up suspension too, makes them a roll over nightmare.
 Accident Hotspot. - Fullchat
Is there a bit of 'micro climate' going on under the shelter of the trees? False sense of security on road surfaces on the lead up to this bend.
 Accident Hotspot. - R.P.
Possibly, lots of the trees have been felled just before Christmas whilst they were doing flood prevention works there. Loads of "ironworks" on the roads which can catch out the unwary maybe.
 Accident Hotspot. - Fenlander
Note the alloys are different front and rear. I reckon the front tyres are a higher profile slightly more aggressive mud grip type too. Could give a significant front to rear handling/grip differential leading to a slide or spin.

Anything on off-road mud type tyres can get a wicked slide on when faced with wet or greasy tarmac so nothing for the lugs to dig down into for grip.
 Accident Hotspot. - Fenlander
Also... the last MOT was just three weeks ago with five suspension/braking/steering advisory notes plus advisory on three welding/structure areas.

Three weeks earlier it had failed on a rear tyre below 1.6mm and four areas requiring welding.

Not a very sound vehicle and seemingly being maintained on a shoestring.

BTW it may look like a Freelander now but it's a squashed TD5 Discovery.
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 Accident Hotspot. - R.P.
My thoughts on the tyres were the same...I thought it was a Freelander ! :-)
 Accident Hotspot. - R.P.
Wonder what the insurance company might have to say !
 Accident Hotspot. - Bill Payer
These are the type of accident that can be caused by having better tyres on the front than rear.
 Accident Hotspot. - Manatee
>> These are the type of accident that can be caused by having better tyres on
>> the front than rear.

Good point, especially when braking which many inattentive drivers do literally every time they see an oncoming car. I wonder...
 Accident Hotspot. - Bobby
>>Good point, especially when braking which many inattentive drivers do literally every time they see an oncoming car. I wonder...

They brake when they are reading their texts........
 Accident Hotspot. - Manatee
False sense of security everywhere in poor conditions is what I see every day, but I seem to be losing my bottle in my old age.

Shaded areas of road are a hazard in damp and/or or freezing conditions that set my antennae twitching but many seem to ignore. Add a bit of adverse camber and the scene is set.

Mud is another hazard people careless of - about a quarter of a mile from here a straight bit of road just into a NSL, on which people tend to accelerate hard, is covered in mud from a new building site. There are no warning signs, only a "works traffic" one that has fallen apart and is unreadable. It's only a matter of time really before there's an 'accident' so I have just reported it to Highways. Meanwhile we are avoiding the stretch.
 Accident Hotspot. - R.P.
According to my weather station - the previous night was mild, no evidence of frost. I travelled that way twice today (in both of directions) - road surface seems fine, I've never encountered much mud or debris on it. This is a main route and thousands of cars pass through it daily. Maybe it was a combination of factors. What is clear the Disco did its job in protecting the occupants. As mentioned I've driven or ridden it in all kinds of conditions, never felt it as a particularly threatening, most odd that these two accidents happened in the same place - I could see what happened to the Disco the following day, it rode the embankment..
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 Accident Hotspot. - R.P.
The video shows that car changing direction very quickly and rather oddly - further on in the video you see the filming car moving off, there don't seem to be any ironworks where the car driver starts losing control with that "odd" change of direction...
 Accident Hotspot. - smokie
IMO the car is just someone not concentrating (maybe not even looking) suddenly sees a car coming towards them and overcompensates in panic.
 Accident Hotspot. - Zero
If you are talking about the original video, the car starts to oversteer - the back steps out slightly to the side pushing the nose towards the centre of the road, the driver wildly overcorrects causing massive oversteer the other way throwing the whole lot into the trees.
 Accident Hotspot. - Shiny
While both rear wheels look to be the same design, the photo where it is from the rear and on it's roof suggests the tyres were of noticeably different widths.
 Accident Hotspot. - R.P.
There are no ironworks on the bit where they lost it. Went that way tonight. Volvo went round without any drama or intervention from it nanny bits
 Accident Hotspot. - God
Nice Bing! page today Pugley
 Accident Hotspot. - R.P.
Dolwyddelan Castle, Conwy valley - superb shot
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