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 Young motorsport photographer of the year - No FM2R

Yet another admirable talent that I do not have.
 Young motorsport photographer of the year - Robin O'Reliant
You and me both.

Though it's funny how photographs just don't seem real without your thumb in the corner of the picture.
 Young motorsport photographer of the year - No FM2R
Ha ha ha ha ha
 Young motorsport photographer of the year - smokie
I'm not for one minute suggesting it's easy but...

Four of my "Le Mans" mates were/are semi-pro motor racing photographers. One in particular regularly gets press credentials, which put him the "right" side of the catch fencing for shots, and they've all been commissioned at one time or another to do shoots for teams during meetings. They take some stunning shots. One has a website

But it is made a little easier by rapid shooting. I stood next to one of them as he was shooting an Audi which was entering a corner. As it happened, the driver lost the back end and my buddy had the whole sequence of the car spinning off, and following cars dodging round him, but in stills. I commented that that must be worth a bob or two but he said many snappers would often get shots like that with ordinary camera, unlike the thousands of pounds worth of camera body and especially the huge lens he was using.

He added that over a race weekend he would take 3000 - 4000 shots.

So you're almost bound to get some good 'uns I would have thought.

One of the other guys was telling me he can no longer make much from it.

But all credit to the youngster for her achievement.
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