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 Road Tax on nearly new cars - Arctophile
Some while ago the DVLA made changes to the way VED (road tax) works.

The tax no longer follows the vehicle and a refund is made if the car is sold
part way through the year.

The first year is also more expensive than subsequent years.

What happens if you buy, say, a previously registered three month old car?
Is the new tax still at the higher first year rate?

I doubt if the DVLA would charge a pro-rata 9 month / 3 month rate.
 Road Tax on nearly new cars - Bromptonaut
AIUI there is an additional charge on registration.

The normal rate applies from the second tax payment.

No idea how the refund works.
 Road Tax on nearly new cars - Falkirk Bairn
The refund goes to the previous owner.

normal cars £145 /£135 hybrids + Premium of £320 on £40K+ list price cars
Pure electrics over £40K will not pay a premium after 1st April
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