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 Good time to buy ? - legacylad
Convertibles apart, as Spring is upon us, given the current economy etc, is now a good time to buy a car privately ?
I’m not seriously thinking of changing my car, but for someone wanting to buy a more prestige, and expensive motor, might now be a good time?
Idle curiosity as I was wondering how much business the car trade is doing at the moment
 Good time to buy ? - zippy
Not noticed anything yet but I guess this could go either way.

Cheaper cars if stock doesn't shift.

More expensive cars if factories shut down and cars become rarer (two Vauxhall factories have been shut down).

I was supposed to buy / lease a new car for the first week of February. I didn't and am thinking that was probably a good thing short term.
 Good time to buy ? - zippy
From the other place...

Mods - please delete if we shouldn't link to them.
 Good time to buy ? - No FM2R
Set to soar?

Sensationalist rubbish.

There could equally be thousands of secondhand cars becoming available along with a decrease in demand.

Mark, please stop the swearing - thank you

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 Good time to buy ? - Zero
Set to soar? with gazzilions of peoples wages slashed, they are going to buy cars?

With the car market deep in the mire for the last 6 months because of brexit and uncertainty over banning fossil fuel cars?

yeah right.

 Good time to buy ? - tyrednemotional
.....and no pubs to drive to..... ;-)
 Good time to buy ? - No FM2R
>>Mark, please stop the swearing - thank you

I said 's***e', did the swear filter not stop it? And if it did. what's your problem with asterisks? And if it didn't and you don't like the word, then add it to the swear filter, that's what it's for.
 Good time to buy ? - VxFan
Mark, I don’t want to get into a pointless argument with you, but nearly every post of yours contains asterisks where the filter has blocked whatever swear word you’ve chosen to use.

A forum search of *** throws up your name the majority of times. The others are mainly where someone has quoted your post.

I can’t understand you sometimes. On the other forum where you modded, you were very strict on people swearing, yet on here you’re the complete opposite and part of your everyday vocabulary.

It’s a request. Nothing more, nothing less. Please stop being a potty mouth all the time. You’re an intelligent man, not some sort of yobbo trying to impress his mates by swearing.

Thank you.
 Good time to buy ? - sooty123
Potty mouth, I thought only old biddys used that phrase.
 Good time to buy ? - stan10
Neighbours car absent from his drive this aft - brand new Nissan Leaf now sitting in it's place,
haven't spoken to him yet but knowing him i'd put up 50p that he's bagged a bargain.

Virus precautions allowing i'll hope to get a guided tour sometime over the weekend.

Not a private sale obviously, but might be of interest.
 Good time to buy ? - Robin O'Reliant
The alternator on my '02 Almera threw in the towel this morning. It is booked in for an MoT on Tuesday and a mechanic mate is going to give it a thorough inspection tomorrow to see if it will pass, at least without much expense. If it gets the thumbs up then it will be a recon unit, if not a call to the scrappie.

Then it's in the market for a replacement. Though I could afford something a couple of years old I now only do 12k max per year so my budget will be 1.5k tops. I hate car buying.
 Good time to buy ? - bathtub tom
I heard local MOT testing stations were closing down and a 'freebie' was being offered to those that were due to tax their cars?
 Good time to buy ? - bathtub tom
Yup, just found this:
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