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 "Electric car emissions myth 'busted'" - No FM2R
Their headline, not mine.
 "Electric car emissions myth 'busted'" - zippy
This is a very pro-electric car article. It suggests that the myth of electric cars not being green because of the pollution produced in generating electricity is false for most countries.

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 "Electric car emissions myth 'busted'" - smokie
However it is an article reporting the outcome of research from 3 universities. It's not just an article expressing the view of its author or sponsor. That gives it some credence surely?
 "Electric car emissions myth 'busted'" - Terry
Building and running cars clearly creates CO2. There is a parallel issue with other pollution in the materials used and how/if they can be recycled - not covered in the research.

Getting unambiguous data on the current state of play is complex. But most countries (not all) including the UK have a goal of reducing emmissions and increasing green energy generation.

If it is not the case now that EVs over their lifetime will emit less greenhouse gases that ICE, it seems very likely this will be the case in the future.

But no doubt there will be those who will be happy to look selectively at what is happening and form whatever conclusion they want.
 "Electric car emissions myth 'busted'" - Boxsterboy
No mention of disposal of batteries at end of life, which I thought was also a problem?
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