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 Transit security - Bobby
When I had a 2007 Transit I remember there was a major security glitch whereby if you removed the housing for the wing mirror you could disable the van locking system somehow.

Out for my essential dogwalk yesterday, I went round the nearby industrial estate where Amazon have a depot and all their new shape Transits were lined up at the side of the road and every one of them had the plastic trim broke off underneath the fuel cap - not sure if this was a way of accessing the fuel cap and stealing the diesel or whether its another "glitch" in a Transit security!
 Transit security - Dave_
I think there's a much simpler explanation. Spilled diesel dissolves the glue on the double-sided tape holding the piece of trim onto the paintwork. Ducato-type vans suffer from the same problem.

Sprinters don't, because even the small trim under the fuel flap is held on with plastic clips.
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