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 Driving Licence Renewal - Chaos - Fullchat
Now coming to light that those who hold Vocational Licences (HGV & PSV) are having medicals cancelled and are therefore unable to renew their licences so they will expire. Likewise duplicates and updates appear to be on go slow.

Someone needs to take a leap of faith and like MOTs give a blanket 6 month extension.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Chaos - No FM2R
>>Someone needs to take a leap of faith and like MOTs give a blanket 6 month extension.

I entirely agree.

But can you imagine the excitement and outrage from our glorious media if anybody who had their licence extended;

1) crashed
2) died/got ill at the wheel
3) was a criminal
4) etc.

 Driving Licence Renewal - Chaos - mazda chris
I had my HGV medical on the 16th march posted it all off recorded on the 17th they received it on the 19th and im still waiting,license expires on the 10th April.
Being classed as a essential worker delivering metal to customers who have changed production to making the parts for the new ventilators and to the pharmaceutical industrie
i was worried i wont be able to continue.
I phoned DVLA on Thursday and managed to speak to someone who informed me it has all been approved and will be sent out ASAP nothing has arrived yet.
 Driving Licence Renewal - Chaos - Fullchat
Because we have become so risk averse coupled with a blame culture then yes the first thing that will be looked at will be the process.

The main risk area for me would be 2 & 1 in that order. Criminal convictions per say are not necessarily taken into account during the licence application process and those relevant are accessible through alternative databases. I consider it a reasonable assumption that someone who is driving a HGV on day 365/6 is fit to do so on day 367. But there is slight possibility that an undetected underlying condition could manifest itself in that extended period whereas a medical on time would have discovered it.

But these are unusual times and it has to be accepted there will be some risk and a gamble taken. That risk will have to be accepted. But when it does go wrong who pays?
 Driving Licence Renewal - Chaos - Dave_
All HGV medicals due for renewal are to be extended by 12 months:
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