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 Stirling Moss Dies - Duncan
Stirling Moss died aged 90
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 Stirling Moss Dies - Zero
A legend
 Stirling Moss Dies - zippy
Mrs Z and I had a weekend at the Goodwood Hotel some time ago and Stirling Moss arrived at the same time.

Didn't clock him right away but he held the door open for Mrs Z and smiled.
 Stirling Moss Dies - Zero
My Mrs Z met him quite a few times, she was Rob Walkers daughters nanny in Australia for a year, said he was a grumpy git.
 Stirling Moss Dies - VxFan
>> My Mrs Z met him - said he was a grumpy git.

Then she ended up marrying one ;)
 Stirling Moss Dies - Zero
Well if he was worse than me......
 Stirling Moss Dies - No FM2R
>> said he was a grumpy git.

Apparently he was a great deal worse than that.
 Stirling Moss Dies - Falkirk Bairn
I cannot think of Stirling Moss without remembering Rikki Fulton.
A comedian he filled Scottish Theatres for decades.
He had TV series and also a 30 minute show on New Year's Eve.

Rikki is Super Cop & Mark McManus (Taggart) the driver - out the motor Stirling!

it's from 1984 -
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