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 PCP Question - Robin O'Reliant
Is main dealer servicing a requirement if you take out a PCP?
 PCP Question - tyrednemotional
I think that would depend on the terms of your PCP contract.

Unlike the rulings on warranty, I don't believe there is any legislation that would insist you have freedom to use non-dealer facilities (subject to the VAT registered, OE parts requirements).

In reality, my understanding is that means that most PCP contracts (arranged/underwritten by either the manufacturer or dealer), will require you to have a full, dealer service history to meet the terms and conditions.
 PCP Question - Zero
as PCP is all about the value of the car at the end of the term, you would be spanked severely upon return if it didnt have full main dealer service history.
 PCP Question - No FM2R
I had a Chrysler and on that it was compulsory to have main dealer servicing. A few years ago now though.
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 PCP Question - zippy
My previous private lease insisted on a full dealer service.

The car was set to long interval servicing i.e. 12 months / 20k which I stuck to and confirmed as correct by the dealer and is on the manufacturer's website. The dealer sold me a service plan to match.

The lease company moaned that the 10k services were not stamped and tried to charge me £3k for lost value for missed services.

 PCP Question - Robin O'Reliant
It isn't a car, Honda are doing interest free PCP deals on motorcycles at the moment. The problem is that my nearest main dealer is 70 miles away.
 PCP Question - jc2
Be very careful of PCP at the moment-there will be large numbers of cars/motor cycles being returned early-can't afford the repayments which will reduce the buyback price at end of agreement.You'll need a lot more money for the down-payment on the next car or get a much cheaper one.
 PCP Question - Bill Payer
>> Is main dealer servicing a requirement if you take out a PCP?
It generally is because often the finance is manufacture owned and they want franchise dealer service history so they can sell the vehicle as approved used.
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