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 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - Falkirk Bairn
Email from Drive the Deal in my inbox.

Usual VAG, MB, JLR .............. at the very end was a Volvo S60 T5 R design plus saloon

£23.5K for white another £500 for metallic
250BHP, auto Petrol, lots of toys.

This is a lot of car for what it offers.

Anybody got "real experience" of the S60

a Good Buy or a Good Bye?

 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - Avant
Petrol Volvos are very thirsty: you'll struggle to get more than 30 mpg out of it.

But maybe you wouldn't mind if you'd paid so little for it in the first place.
 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - smokie
Certainly is a lot of car for the money
 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - Crankcase
I loved my previous shape S60 (2011) to bits, but there's no doubt the boot size was compromised by its shape and thus wasn't brilliant.

Is it more sensible now?

Oh, and the auto gearbox failed at 60k, sold the car. But again, that was the old one.
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 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - R.P.
I like my V60CC - nowhere near the 3 Series dynamically, but it has its own skillset, especially on crappy roads. Better cabin than the old 3 series for sure, fuel economy isn't a strong point
 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - Crankcase
Drifting off thread a bit, sorry,but i seem to recall my S60, diesel auto, 2 litre gave me about 42 ish on the trip computer.

My current Skoda Octavia, auto, 1.0 litre petrol, gave me 63mpg on the trip computer yesterday. Never seen it under 53, usually about 58.
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 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - legacylad
Is your V60 CC petrol or diesel? Mpg in mixed driving ?

May I ask why you went for the CC rather than the standard V60 on all season tyres...ride height obviously, but I assume the 4WD system reduces overall performance but increases grip.

Happy with it..a friend paid £30k for a Subaru Levorg, it’s not a nice cabin and performance is very underwhelming
 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - Runfer D'Hills
My father loved Volvos. His last 5 cars before retiring were a succession of 140 series and 240 series saloons. All bought new and each kept for about 3 years. I even learned to drive on one of the 240s.

I've had a couple of my own over the years, an 850 2.5 20V saloon, and a 740 SE estate and had a long-ish term loan of a T5R estate. That was very quick.

But y'know what, I really never "got on" with them. They were OK, don't get me wrong, but I can't say they were my favourites. Lots of people say they find Volvo seats really comfortable, but I never did find them all that good as long distance cars in that department. I'm not an especially odd shape, height or weight, but I just couldn't get properly comfortable in any of them.

I'd still consider a V70/90 I suppose, if the deal was good, but they'd not be at the top of my shopping list.

Quite nice styling on some of the modern ones.
 Volvo S60 - "Bargain Volvo" on DTD - Pre Reg T5 - DP
A couple of the guys in my team at work have the current S90s. They are stunning cars, quite honestly. Beautifully finished, supremely comfortable, and loaded with toys. And although it's subjective, they are a great looking car in my opinion. In fact, I don't think any of the current Volvo range is bad looking, either inside or out.

What I do like is that Volvo hasn't tried to compete with the likes of BMW in terms of driving dynamics, but done very much their own thing and majored on comfort and refinement. Even with a four cylinder diesel under the bonnet, it's all very hushed, smooth and effortless.
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