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 "Imports" - maltrap
I've been looking around at VW Tourans. A couple that i've made enquiries about have told me they are "imports" one from Japan & one from Australia. Can someone tell me the pitfalls of buying such vehicles.
 "Imports" - Zero
Both will have had Kph speedos & mileages, both will be different "spec" from models sold in the UK, and either may need to be declared to insurance companies and subject to special premiums.

Proper second hand UK tourans are plentiful, I can see no reason why you would want to go with a grey import.

Oh and Tourans are notoriously unreliable, wouldn't want any agro getting non standard ones fixed.
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 "Imports" - No FM2R
>>Can someone tell me the pitfalls of buying such vehicles.

You don't know it's history, silly bits (like body and interior bits) are often different, resale can be difficult.
 "Imports" - Robin O'Reliant
I had a grey import Honda Bros motorcycle in the nineties. Based largely on the NVT 650 but different enough to make some spares a problem, and the stick on MPH speedo overlay was impossible to read in the dark.
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