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 A nice drive - Bobby
We are up on the Isle of Mull just now.

Today we drove from Craignure to Fionnphort to then get a boat tour to Staffa and a walk through Fingels Cave. Boat was surrounded by a load of dolphins and took some cracking photos and videos. A true Bucket List moment.

The drive is pretty much single track the whole way. I flicked to Sport mode in my X1. Average mpg for the holiday went from 55.4 to 49.3 in the one journey. Loved it! Passing places. 60-0. Then immediately 0-60. Drove like a hooligan. Adrenaline was pumping and loved it!

Followed my brother in law and saw his ABS kicking in once with his flashing brake lights. And all the time I had a local Transit driver behind me that kept catching up with me eventually before I sped away.

Ages since I’ve had a drive like this. Loved it!
 A nice drive - PeterS
Sounds like a wonderful trip :)
It’s nice to get the opportunity to have a spirited drive once in a while. I have to admit I took advantage of a quiet stretch of autobahn to verify the top speed of the car. Roof up and roof down. Gratifyingly the same, though somewhat noisier roof down. Not uncomfortably so though :)
 A nice drive - wotspur
A gorgeous journey is fromInverness down to Isle of a Skye , I’ve done it 3 times ,all 20+ years ago , over a couple of years l never did it in reverse ,but well worth the drive
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