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 Bangers & Cash - Manatee
Factual programme about a family-run classic car auction business.

Found it on the Firestick UKTV app (shows the Dave/Yesterday/Drama channels). There seem to be two series on catch up.

There isn't the restoration aspect of WD but there are some interesting finds, and of course the prices to marvel at. A wreck of a rusted out Mini Cooper S makes £18k (for the VIN/chassis plate essentially) but a nice useable Standard Ensign makes £3k.
 Bangers & Cash - Zero
Not surprised, who wants an Ensign? Its not even a Vanguard.
 Bangers & Cash - Manatee
Fair point. Supply and demand but what accounts for the differences in demand interesting.

Even a really nice P6 Rover 2000 only made £6,500. Fords that can be done up like rally cars OTOH can be 40 or 50.

I was at a local classic car meeting on Wednesday. There was a really well built Series VI Oxford there Probably better than new. That might make £6k on a good day, I'd love it. Only the fact that I'd have to sell my MX-5 for the space stopped me enquiring whether it was for sale.

Of course I realised on the way home (in the Mazda) that it would have been a mistake. It's a good thing I have limited space, I'd probably have a Jowett Javelin by now as well.
 Bangers & Cash - Zero
Cars are like fashion, If I had a garage for classic cars it would be stuffed full of them. The Rover P6 at 6k would be one of them for example but your example was only the 2000, not the 3.5. No room for a Morris of any description, nor anything from Austin - Unless you count a 6R4 as one - 50k wouldn't get CLOSE to one of those

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 Bangers & Cash - Runfer D'Hills
Somehow, I'm really not shocked that you could conflate things from the '70s and '80s with fashion.
 Bangers & Cash - Zero
Hey coming from the world that invents nothing new, merely rewraps stuff from the past, thats a bit of a cheek.
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