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Thanks for that. A bygone era. And a nicely cuffed 'Going Equipped'

10 years before my time on Traffic but there were a lot of similarities.

There is a Retired Traffic group on Facebook of which one of the crew is a member. It would have been rude not to link this to them. And so it starts :))
 Different Policing world. - hawkeye
Never realised that the alternating two-tones were manually controlled in those days. Much easier to hear and to determine direction than the chattering swooshing sound effects in use today.

I'm jealous of the Triumph 2.5 PI 'company car'.

A good watch; thank you.
 Different Policing world. - R.P.
I saw the going equipped thing. I wasn't sure, but maybe that was the right course of action, wonder what became of the youf in question
 Different Policing world. - Bromptonaut
>> I saw the going equipped thing. I wasn't sure, but maybe that was the right
>> course of action, wonder what became of the youf in question

Was he one of the two walking along the A1? Screwdriver and wire. Seemed a bit uncertain of his own date of birth.

The accident needing an ambulance was (of its time). The approach to the casualty seemed to be scoop up and scarper, none of the triage, treatment and stabilisation we expect today. I remember the WRCC 'Accident Ambulance' vehicles. There was, and maybe still is, an Ambulance Station at Menston which we passed regularly. Because of where we lived you could hear them for ages as they went towards Harry Ramsdens and then down the Bradford Road.

Hollins Hill where the road dives down into the Aire Valley was a regular for smack ups.
 Different Policing world. - R.P.
"they went towards Harry Ramsdens"

Someone being battered ?
 Different Policing world. - No FM2R
Here's your coat......
 Different Policing world. - Fullchat
Ive booked the taxi :)

.... scoop up and scarper...

Also known as 'hump and dump' . Although that sounds like something involving BBD :)
 Different Policing world. - legacylad
>> "they went towards Harry Ramsdens"
>> Someone being battered ?

or a salted
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 Different Policing world. - Falkirk Bairn
>>The approach to the casualty seemed to be scoop up and scarper, none of the triage, treatment and stabilisation we expect today

The change in ambulance procedures really started after the Lewisham Train disaster on 1957 (I was 11!). Some of the injured were treated on the spot by American soldiers stationed nearby, the rest were scooped up by the ambulance serviced and taken to hospital.

This was the start of what we have now - of course the technology & drugs + the training of ambulance people greatly enhances the number who survive injuries & medical emergencies.

Mind you badly relayed messages to ambulance crews still happen.
Mid August a person I know took ill through the night. His wife phoned the son who lives a few minutes away. Son arrives at house and his mother was on the phone to 999 - it's all covid questioning - son grabs the phone & tells the operator it is a stroke. Gives the address and an ambulance is sent.

The house is in Falkirk and the road is named after a village 5 miles away. The penny drops to the son - "I bet they are being sent to the viilage! Out of the street he stands in front of the ambulance, flashing lights etc - the driver gets out swearing and gesticulating -

"What the f++k are you doing?"

This is where the ambulance is needed!

The 74 years old is back home and "well" - he can now retire and handover the business to the son. He said he would retire at 60, then 65, then 70 BUT he is now retired - unless he changes his mind!
 Different Policing world. - Fullchat
And just over 20 years later:
 Different Policing world. - Shiny
Imagine how badly Produced this would be these days, each segment chopped up into 4 and partially duplicated and then shuffled onto the timeline with the others.
 Different Policing world. - Robin O'Reliant
Front line police must hate bodycams and CCTV. They've now got to take assaults like a punch, kick or spit in the face without reacting. In years gone by they'd have handed out a very sharp lesson to anyone who did that.

No wonder they have to put up with violence as a matter of routine now, the scrotes who are prepared to take a prison sentence in their stride know that gobbing in the face of a copper will get no painful comeback.
 Different Policing world. - zippy
The police /police federation/ NPCC (formerly ACPO) are sending mixed messages re BWVC.

Some want the footage kept secret - of course people on it have a right to it under GDPR. Some want it published again there are issues re prejudicing a trial.

The police are making it more difficult to get hold of BWVC footage and police officers routinely state to people who ask for the footage that they are not entitled to it.

Re the quick reaction to an assault. Of course the police are allowed to defend themselves.

What was wrong is that they would also be punishment blows and that is not acceptable. Punishment is for the courts to decide.

There is even direct lying caught on camera - recently a black youth with his hands clearly at his side. The senior officer conducting a search was heard to say several times.... “keep your hands down. Stop resisting”. The lad was just standing there being compliant. BWVC was not on and a passerby by was recording.

In another incident a man who had committed no offence was being treated roughly whilst being searched by two armed officers and cuffed whilst searched (if not necessary the cuffs can be considered too going too far). The man was calm but was refusing to give his details which is his right. The police officers punished him by pulling the mans cuffed arms back. Every time he did this the other officer turned away so his BWVC wouldn’t record what was going on. A third party recoding of the sound only captured the incident.

There is even a case going through legal action where two police officers try to intimidate a child for crossing the road and threaten him with arrest and banning him from his town for doing so. They even get the RTA wrong saying that he had no rights to be on the road and was causing an obstruction!

It is these incidents and incidents like this that bring the police in to disrepute and leads to loss of respect, not the thousands of good officers doing a good job.
 Different Policing world. - Robin O'Reliant
There was widespread abuse of power by some police officers back in the day and cleaning it up has been largely for the good, but on the other hand a minority of yobs need a good slap to bring them to heel.
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