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 Cloudy headlights. - No FM2R
I have a Murano. Don't judge me.

However, to the point, it's headlights are curved such that the top quarter is angled back and almost facing up. Consequently in this sun it's become very cloudy and almost yellow, certainly opaque.

I was recently given some (I quote from the label);

"New & Improved Meguiar's PlastX Clear Plastic Cleaner & Polish".

The stuff is brilliant, and not even particularly hard work. The top third of each headlamp was totally foggy to the point one could not pick out the details of reflectors & stuff inside the lens.

It took me about 15 minutes of rubbing each lens and about 1/10th of my 295ml bottle and they're totally clear.

Genius stuff and highly recommended.

p.s. I should probably point out that cleaning cars is not really my thing and perhaps all headlight cleaner/polish performs this well, I wouldn't know. But this stuff is definitely good.
 Cloudy headlights. - legacylad
I’d not seen a Murano for several months then passed one on the AP7 yesterday as it was changeover day for my rental at Alicante airport.
The only reason I remember is because it was one of the few cars I overtook that day in my crappy base model Pug 208, one of the few cars doing sub 120kph. And I thought the Yaris 1.5 was bad.
 Cloudy headlights. - No FM2R
It's f.ugly but it's a pretty reasonable and well equipped car, and with a 3.5l V6 it can pick up its skirts and run ok. It's also stunningly good MPG on a run, though truly awful in town.

My main objection to it is mostly the difference between its largish, bulbous outside dimensions and its most certainly smallish internal dimensions.
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 Cloudy headlights. - Runfer D'Hills
To be mildly obtuse, I kind of liked Muranos. Neighbour/friend had one like yours. Replaced it with a Lexus somethingorother. Hybrid thing. He sees it as great sport to creep up behind me and the dog in it on electric power and sound the horn when his front bumper is about six inches behind my knees.

I'd hit him, if he wasn't an ex Marine commando...

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 Cloudy headlights. - No FM2R
Technically the Murano is probably a better car than my Explorer. The Explorer is a bit taller, but other than that they are not so different externally.

However by comparison the Explorer is positively cavernous inside. Loads of space *and* three rows of seats, still has a valid boot. Three zone climate control, opening rear glass, etc. etc. The children love it since they get an entire row of seats each on a long drive. The Explorer is a relaxing and comfortable tank to drive. I love it. Though one shouldn't think about chucking it around corners, it will actually go pretty much anywhere.

Conversely the Murano, with it's much tighter handling and modern running gear is far more precise and thus more tense and intruding. The seats are all bucket-y, so there is only one comfortable position. Slouching not an attractive option. The Murano is 4x4. Dunno why, it'd cry if it got its tyres muddy.
 Cloudy headlights. - legacylad
I do like some of these cars, probably the Explorer, that you cannot get in the U.K.
My friends, who live in the foothills of the Sierras in northern CA have a 2005 Toyota Tundra. Big ‘ol V8 twin cab, cramped in the rear with a suicide door, but with winter tyres it’s almost unstoppable. Keen skiers, they make first tracks after a major dump and often head off pre dawn before the roads are cleared.
The load bay was great for skis, and kayaks and inflatable rafts in summer. They once gave me the keys to it so I headed off solo for 15 days to ski as many resorts around Tahoe as I could manage.
They still have it, but added a 2015 Toyota Sienna to their ‘fleet’. V6, AWD, three rows of seats, room for 4 and space for a garage full of toys. Far more civilised
I wasn’t allowed to take that.
 Cloudy headlights. - MD
Keen skiers, they make first tracks after a major dump? A bit personal I thought.
 Cloudy headlights. - MD
That matters not if you get in first - although it has to be hard and totally convincing. Let us know how you get on and from which address you are writing from. Presuming of course that you can still write:-)
 Cloudy headlights. - bathtub tom
>>He sees it as great sport to creep up behind me and the dog in it on electric power and sound the horn when his front bumper is about six inches behind my knees.

I had a work colleague who took great delight in doing similar when I was on my push bike. Lost his sense of humour when I cycled past him in a queue of traffic and slapped his roof with my hand. Reckoned he nearly rammed the car in front as a result. Oh how I wish.
 Cloudy headlights. - hawkeye
I used an Ebay kit with several different grades of grit on sanding discs driven by an electric drill. Then there was some cream applied by a drill-driven sponge. The final thing to do was to coat the lenses with a UV barrier varnish since (it was alleged) UV damaged the lenses in the first place.

Only then was I able to appreciate how mediocre were the Jaguar dipped beams when new :(

Any clue as to how Meguiars protect the finished, polished lens?
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