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 NIP - Zero
Damn! I have been done for speeding. b***** silly me, it was at a camera 3 miles form my house, one that's been there for 25 years, one I checked my speed at the day before and the day after, where was my brain on that day and that hour? 37mph in a 30. I guess I'll get a naughty driving school invitation.

My first nick in 35 years. what a toss pot.
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 NIP - helicopter
Sorry to hear that Z. I had done over 40 years without a NIP when I got caught at 57 in a 50 zone at the Dartford tunnel.

Just would point out that 37 in a 30 zone is over 20% over the limit so I fear you may be having your day in court rather than a speed awareness course.
 NIP - tyrednemotional
...I believe the upper limit for the offer is speed limit plus 10% + 9mph. (and they're being done virtually now - so Zoom to compensate for zoom......)
 NIP - Zero
>> ...I believe the upper limit for the offer is speed limit plus 10% + 9mph.

30/33/42. Woo I qualify

>> (and they're being done virtually now - so Zoom to compensate for zoom......)

Balls, I don't even get a day out
 NIP - Falkirk Bairn
Local area!

Driving in a strange area has higher risks but in your own backyard it will be galling.

I am 56 years points free BUT sweated on more than the odd occasion.
 NIP - Crankcase
Do you know, I fear I've done the same this very morning, and if so, it will be my first in over forty years of driving.

Variable speed limit, set to 50, accelerated too soon so under last camera at indicated 62.

Sigh. Wait and see now.
 NIP - No FM2R
There is nothing more annoying than doing something stupid.

I got nicked here a year or so ago carefully keeping my speed at 120kph on a stretch of road which has been 100kph for as long as I can remember.

The fact that I was done by a Carabinero standing next to a bright green and white Dodge Charger with a radar gun on a flat piece of desert where one could see at least a mile in any direction just added insult to injury.
 NIP - helicopter
I actually quite enjoyed the speed awareness course.

£90 and a day out better than Band A fine around 50% of your weekly salary and 3 points on the licence and subsequent insurance premium increases.

You may get away with it.
 NIP - Bromptonaut
I got one in Plymouth about four years ago. On our way to visit our daughter and at a point where I knew we had to turn right Mrs B insisted it was straight on until I was committed. Missed fact it was 30 AND failed to see the camera.

First I knew was was when the NIP arrived.

Got put on a course (at home in Northampton).

As others report it was actually quite useful.
 NIP - smokie
I've only ever done one course, maybe four years ago. I'd been caught in Liverpool and was pretty sure I was going to get a ticket. I've previous had tickets and she always tore a strip off me for driving too fast, especially as she'd never been stopped for anything let alone nicked.

This time I thought I'd wait for the letter to come through before telling her I'd been flashed, however a letter for her from the local plod arrived on the same day as mine from Liverpool so we went on the course together!!
 NIP - Robin O'Reliant
It's always the ones you pass regularly where you get complacent and forget about them. I've had a few flashes in the past but got away with them. There are no fixed cameras anywhere near me now but I've had a few close squeaks with mobile speed traps. On one occasion I reckon I only got away with it because the operator was as half asleep as I was when I rounded the bend and came into view at 38 in a 30.
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 NIP - smokie
I thought the threshold was 10% + 2mph, that being the old ACPO guidelines before ANY action was taken. The RAC has it here,speed%20limit%20plus%202%20mph. but i did think it's been updated since then.

I have heard of people being done for doing 32 in a 30 but not sure I believe them
 NIP - Manatee
>> I thought the threshold was 10% + 2mph, that being the old ACPO guidelines

Are we at cross purposes? That's the threshold for getting collared. Different threshold for a SAC, and then some more thresholds for the different levels of fines/bans if you go beyond a SAC.
 NIP - Kevin
I once got nicked outside a town called Springbok on a road that is dead straight and flat for over 20km. The two cops were sat at a picnic table under the only tree for 10km in either direction with the gas pipes running across the road in front of them.
On my return journey I called in to pay the ticket and the cops were sat under a brolly outside the front door of the cop shop and were still catching folks.
 NIP - Zero
My first and only other speeding "nick" was in '85, when I thought it would be a great idea to beat an unmarked cop car away from the lights on the A30 near Staines (then not "upon thames")

The gittes waited till we hit the 30 mph limit despite trailing me in 800 yards of 40mph
 NIP - smokie
I passed a marked car on the M4 at a bit over an indicated 100mph late one afternoon, having just flown back from Edinburgh on work. realised I'd done it and slowed in respect. They followed me all the way from about Slough to the turn before Wokingham ( i.e. a number of junctions) then pulled me. I thought I would be OK as I knew they couldn't have measured me.

There were two of them in the car. I was appropriately defernetail and was convinced they were just "slowing me down" with a rather long lecture about speed and its risks.

Then he said "I'm going to give you a fixed penalty. If you want to challenge it in court, feel free, but there are two of us. Who do you think the court wil lbelieve?"

I was surprised but I accepted it, and subsequent research showed that if more than one officer assess that you were speeding them it's a fair cop.
 NIP - Bobby
I tend to use cruise control in many towns now as I am just awre of how easy pickings it will be if targets need to be met.

Recently took my laddie out a driving lesson in an Arnold Clark dual control car - most of the towns and villages around here have 20mph limits now - can't even get out of third gear!
 NIP - zippy
I got a course for 59 in a 50 on the Dartford Bridge about 6 years ago.

I recall on the day the traffic was fairly heavy and I can't recall getting to above 50 let alone 59!

Course was instructive.

 NIP - legacylad
I got done doing 35 in a 30 about 15 years ago. Mobile camera van which I spotted too late. My van was overloaded at the time, and it was at the bottom of a long steep hill in Bradford.
Easy pickings. Should have had cloned plates like a lot of locals in Bradford.
Or been a traveller. Pike Ee not being allowed.
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 NIP - Zero
And to bring this round in a full circle, Speed Awareness Course online using Microsoft teams, booked for mid January, At 89 squids its cheaper* than £100 and 3 points.

(and for 2hr 45mins better value than one of BBD's porn lines)
 NIP - Duncan
I would call that a result.
 NIP - Zero
>> I would call that a result.

I knows.
 NIP - Runfer D'Hills
Is it maybe time to scale back a bit, what with you being, well, quite old now, sort of thing. Big powerful car like that might not be the best for you now, if it's becoming a bit of a handful for you?

Maybe you should be thinking more Honda Jazz or something? Still a big enough boot for the dogs etc but maybe a little less challenging for you. Only trying to help you understand...your best interests at heart etc...

 NIP - Zero
As soon as I forget how long it is and scrape a wheel rim doing a turn, I'll know its time to hang up the keys and get a Jazz.
 NIP - No FM2R
 NIP - Runfer D'Hills
>> (and for 2hr 45mins better value than one of BBD's porn lines)

Probably best if you keep your trousers on for this one though...
 NIP - No FM2R
Because that can go terribly wrong.......
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