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Seen these RP? Look like genius to me.
Do you really want to look like an overstuffed button sofa?
After a long winter ride I can remember being miserable cold with no feelings in my fingers, toes or my knees. A numb face and a deep down cold feeling in my chest.

What I did or did not look like was not high on my list of priorities. Especially since it is under a jacket anyway.
Actually maybe worth a look..Just taxed the Guzzi as a result of being unable to send it to its house move home...may report back !
 EXOTOGG - bathtub tom
I've been offered a ride on the London to Brighton veteran car run before.

Why would anyone at my age want to sit in an open car, in the first week of November for several hours?

I've offered to be the back-up, with a trailer.
I've signed up to email. There's no pressure, pardon the pun. I'll reserve judgement for now but it shows promise. If its any good then WHY-T-FU hadn't it been done before? Ruddy Thermos flask no less!!
May dip a toe into the EXOTOGG water ! :-)... ???? Thanks
I'll be interested to hear progress.

If it is as good as it sounds like it might be it'd be superb up in the mountains. Or indeed out on the water. And brilliant for when out on horses in the winter.
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