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 Honey - I'm Home - Duncan
In the new car
 Honey - I'm Home - Bobby
Just checked. Car was brand new registered on 16 Nov so this probably was its first journey out!!
 Honey - I'm Home - legacylad
What went wrong ?
Was it something particular to EVs ?
 Honey - I'm Home - tyrednemotional
>> What went wrong ?
>> Was it something particular to EVs ?
>>, it's a Porsche thing.......
 Honey - I'm Home - Runfer D'Hills
Wires crossed maybe...
 Honey - I'm Home - tyrednemotional
...voice control error - "Ready to Chaaaarge!".

 Honey - I'm Home - Falkirk Bairn
A son had a road test, about a month ago, at the local Porsche dealer that services his car - he bought a 911 there 3/4 years ago but got a better deal last year from a Chicago dealer - lower price & better trade-in.

His view - s*** off a shovel acceleration (under 3 seconds to 60). He did not actually verify the 0-60 time - he was just remarking on the overall performance of pressing the accelerator.
 Honey - I'm Home - No FM2R
Apparently only the Taycan Turbo S can achieve <3seconds.

But I'm curious, what does "Turbo" mean on an all electric car?
 Honey - I'm Home - Bobby
Not sure if true but heard that it obviously has no gearstick but it does have a reverse button and a launch control button....
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