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 Volkswagen Bora - Hiii - Tommy
Hello everyone, I am Tommy Vey from the UK and love fast cars. I hope to see some nice ones in this forum :-)
 Volkswagen Bora - Hiii - Dog
Hello Tommy, I am Dog from Cornwall and have a Lancer Estate, its not a very fast car at all really.

 Volkswagen Bora - Hiii - R.P.
Lud has a fast motor, but you'dneed his money for that !

Welcome aboard hope you enjoy your time here. We like to think you will

Rob - Moderator.
 Volkswagen Bora - Hiii - Runfer D'Hills
Rock on !
 Volkswagen Bora - Hiii - bathtub tom

I should explain those with the fairy wands next to their monikers are moderators.

The rest of us don't have to wear tutus.
 Volkswagen Bora - Hiii - Ted
>> The rest of us don't have to wear tutus.

We don't have to.....but I'm convinced there are some here who do !

Welcome anyway.

 Volkswagen Bora - Hiii - bathtub tom
Excuse me (he said, with one hand on his hip).

What are you implying?
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