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 Hello - PeterS
Been lurking for a while; was an infrequent poster over at 'the other place', but hello again anyway!!

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 Hello - FocalPoint
As no-one else seems to be around right now, allow me to extend a warm welcome!
 Hello - PeterS
Thanks Chris!
 Hello - Zero
we never read this thread!
 Hello - PeterS
I did wonder, but you know how it is when you're new...
 Hello - Runfer D'Hills
Have read it now ! Hello again and welcome. But as you pointed out earlier you're not really new are you. Just late ! Pull up a chair, you'll soon figure out who's who. Some have altered their names but the personalities shine through. The landlord's a lot more laid back here, in fact we don't see him much but he's friendly enough when he does drop in...

 Hello - MD
Never buys a bloomin' round though!
 Hello - Ted

Still, the mods are better here...all asleep usually.
Easy to slip a quicky past the swear filter.....not that I ever would !

 Hello - R.P.
 Hello - VxFan
>> all asleep usually.

Sleep is for wimps.
 Hello - Runfer D'Hills
>> Sleep is for wimps.

I normally can't sleep for more than 6 hours a night but this past week while I've been on holiday I've been sleeping for up to 9 hours a night. Never really done that before. I'm worried I'm about to go into hibernation. Must be all those nuts I've been eating.
 Hello - madf
Nope. Not nuts.

just your brain switching off ..
(assuming it ever was on :-)
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 Hello - Runfer D'Hills
Cheeky beggar !

 Hello - RattleandSmoke
The only real rule here is not to make fun of people living in Wales :). Oh and keep out of debates over which car is better, the Kia Cee'd or the Lancer.
 Hello - MD
My Mate had a new Lancer in '76 paid for by the Parent's. Sterling car.
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