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 familiar faces - StarGazer
After almost 10 years in the last pub I must have slowly settled into a piece of the furniture, lurking mostly, only posting very occasionally.

After the refurbishment the character had changed so was visiting less and less often. Then noticed a small hint about a new pub down the road. Took me ages to find but when I stagger through the door lots of familiar names and even the decor seems friendly.

Strange to see an 'unusual sightings' thread here (I started the original one with two chevettes I seem to remember).

So hello to everyone, now where's the bar

Ian L
 familiar faces - MD
Just get 'em in mate and no messing.

Welcome back...MD
 familiar faces - God
I'll have half.
 familiar faces - Bellboy
im having a dry week
hello StarGazer
 familiar faces - God
>>>im having a dry week <<<

white wine, martini or cider?
 familiar faces - Bellboy
saving my liver for next week :-)
 familiar faces - God
>>>saving my liver for next week<<<

Have some bacon with it :-)
 familiar faces - MD
And onion Gravy!
 familiar faces - R.P.
When I was in Uni we had to go to a Post Mortem and was offered this delightful meal just after.
 familiar faces - Oldgit
That old pub was getting on my nerves a bit and the owner was a bit autocratic and too big for his boots, for my liking.
Will have to see whether this boozer is any better.
 familiar faces - God
Get em in you Oldgit - I'll have a pint of brown & mild

 familiar faces - Bellboy
best thing here is you dont have to read how good hyundais are every 10 seconds........
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