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 Custom name sticker for helmet - Fenlander
Any bikers know of a decent custome sticker maker. Teen daughter wants her name on her ski helmet for the school trip. I've looked online but not really dropped scross anyone ideal yet.
 Custom name sticker for helmet - rtj70
Just make sure it doesn't affect the integrity of the helmet due to the adhesive. But you'll know that already.

I'm sure a bicker on here will know some places.
 Custom name sticker for helmet - Fenlander
Not been a biker for 30yrs + but I remember folks were just starting to be aware of the issue back then.
 Custom name sticker for helmet - Robin O'Reliant
Surely you've got a Dymo labeler?
 Custom name sticker for helmet - Fenlander
No it's one of the few office type things we haven't got.

Mind you this is a teen girl so the size, style and colour of lettering is unlikely to be satisfied by anything you'd find in an office!
 Custom name sticker for helmet - R.P.
I think RR was being a mite sarcastic towards me ! :-)
 Custom name sticker for helmet - R.P.
Only a problem on polycarbonate helmets - not an issue on fibrglass or kevlar - labelling on the helmet will warn you if not safe. I considered a name change to Shoei...
 Custom name sticker for helmet - Fenlander
Back in our late teens SWMBO (as is now) had her first name in big letters across the back of her helmet to avoid getting picked on by those who thought she was just a small bloke on a big bike and fair game for some aggro.
 Custom name sticker for helmet - Pat

There we are:)

He does all the sign work etc for the PDA and is an old lorry driving mate of mine, just tell him pat sent you.
John is his name.

 Custom name sticker for helmet - FotheringtonTomas
Paint. There may be sticker in the helmet saying what you can/can't use. Try Google.
 Custom name sticker for helmet - L'escargot
What about ...............

Any colour, any font, any size.
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