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 Firing-up time for oil fired boiler - L'escargot
Our oil fired boiler spend 10 seconds on the purging phase before it fires up. Is this normal?
 Firing-up time for oil fired boiler - Arctophile

I have a new wristwatch with a stopwatch function. You have given me my first, real world, opportunity to use it. :-)

Bosch Worcester oil fired boiler: switch on to fire up = 9.5 seconds.
 Firing-up time for oil fired boiler - R.P.
Sounds about right - never timed it though. Bosch Worcester are at my house tomorrow to service the boiler, if I get to see the guy I will ask him the question.
 Firing-up time for oil fired boiler - L'escargot
The reason I asked is that twice in the past week or so we've had to call in the service engineer because the boiler was locking out first thing in the morning. The problem was that the fuel non-return valve was leaking and allowing oil to leak back to the tank and air to get in at the boiler overnight. (It's a wall-mounted boiler with the tank lower than the boiler.) It was a combination of firstly a faulty NRV and then dirt in the feed pipe. Air in the feed pipe results in a longer fire-up time while the pump struggles to prime the system. I hope it's now cured.
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