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 Porcelain wood effect tiles - legacylad
Ooooh. I’d never heard of them until I began looking for new tiles for the bathroom refurbs. The darker wood effect ones don’t appeal, but the pale grey with a hint of blue, size 120x20cm, contrast well ( imho) with a dark grey 60x30 matt wall tile.
I’ve never seen them fitted in bathrooms, but it’s an option to seriously consider vs ‘normal’ floor tiles and bucks the modern trend for pale grey wall tiles, or painted bathroom walls ( which maximise builder profits on new builds)
Discuss !
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - Fullchat
Never been a fan of ceramic tiles on wooden floors. Potential for some movement. I like Karndean products which are vinyl and capable of creating various patterns. We have some which looks like a genuine wooden floor. Extremely water resistant as well.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - legacylad
Round about 1985/90 I had Amtico flooring professionally laid in two large was a big Edwardian gaff that took 10 years to renovate ( won’t be doing that again. Shouldn’t have bought it in the first place. Keighley. Say no more). V expensive but looked great and much warmer on the feet in a big cold house!
Bathrooms in subsequent properties have been half the size, so laying external ply, screwed down with 6” spacing, on top of the base layer, stopped any potential movement. I’ve tiled bathroom floors ever since. I’ve considered sealed wood, various vinyls and their ilk, and despite the lack of underfloor heating it’s still my preferred floor covering.
Pros and cons, but I hope to be in chez LL for a couple more years so might as well fit what I want rather than something neutral which ‘might’ appeal to a larger cross section of future purchasers.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - Zero
I laid ceramic tiles on a suspended wooden floor in my shower/utility room. 6mm Marine ply sheets went down on top of floorboards. perpendicular to the line of the floorboards (which were screwed down to the joists - they had been there for 70 years and were a bit springy)

Its been fine for 8 years, even has a washing machine/tumble dryer bouncing around on top of it, no sign of cracking.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - Zero
What is the point of "wood effect porcelain tiles" Its never going to look like proper wood.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - legacylad
3 words. Style and soffistikashun.

Hope you continue to improve Zeddo.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - Zero
>> 3 words. Style and soffistikashun.
>> Hope you continue to improve Zeddo.

I do* and I am happy to say my style and sofistikashun was never at issue. Nor my grasp of reality.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - sherlock47
>> 3 words. Style and soffistikashun.

the biggest benefit is that a tiled floor can be hosed down if and when necessary :)

I paneled out the bathroom floor with cement boards before tiling - if water gets through the tiles and grout they will not distort.

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 Porcelain wood effect tiles - CGNorwich
Actually they are pretty realistic and of course impervious to water damage so ideal for bathrooms etc. unlike wood.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - Mike H
+1- Very popular here in Austria, where proper wood is used almost everywhere. Most tiles are indistinguishable from real wood and, has been said, harder wearing and ideal for bathrooms. Vinyl flooring is also pretty good.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - Manatee
I'm quite interested in all this as I have a house to build.

Following our recent fire, if the numbers work we'd like to demolish our old house and build a new one.

It's an interesting challenge. Completely different from looking at houses for sale and picking one. Given that, whatever the design, it will be an efficient, warm house to current regs, 'hard' floors sound a much better proposition than they would in a cold and draughty 1950's bungleyhole.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - sherlock47
If you are tiling the floor in the new bathroom make sure that you have underfloor heating - just a reassuring feel of warmth on your feet when leaving the shower.

I achieved this by accident from the run of of ch pipes. If I had realised how effective it was I would have put several long loops between the joists in the feed side of the towel rail and bathroom radiators.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - MD
Bathroom = Carpet. Why TF would you subject your/one's self to slippery cold tiles/vinyl?
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - sooty123
>> Bathroom = Carpet. Why TF would you subject your/one's self to slippery cold tiles/vinyl?

I think they can act like sponges and go a bit mouldy plus fashion, carpets in a bathroom is a bit 80s. They often make a bathroom
look very dated.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - legacylad
Here in rural N Yorkshire we have something called TOW ELS. Not to be confused with TOW IE. Simple to use. Lay them on top of the tiles before/after shower and they keep feet warm and dry.
We used to use old hessian sacks but that was so 20th century
Hope you are well MD
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 Porcelain wood effect tiles - CGNorwich
Carpet, men and urination don't fit well together, nor indeed does nappy changing and carpet. I think the un hygenic habit of carpeting the bathrooms is a peculiarly English habit. Never seen it anywhere else
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - Bromptonaut
>> Carpet, men and urination don't fit well together.

It's not just men, women need to remain seated for the entire performance.

Many years ago I was visiting Mrs B to be at flat she shared in Harrow. Knock on door was elderly lady downstairs who was having a problem with her multipoint boiler situated above the toilet. As youngsters who might know about such things could we persuade it to light? I knelt on loo seat for about 10 minutes trying various tricks but either the spark or the pilot thermocouple were banjaxed.

Floor was lino but there was one of those candlewick effect tailored loo mats, matching the bathmat. I'd guess it hadn't been washed for some time, whole room smelled worse than a 1980s pub gents......

Was bloomin glad to escape.
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 Porcelain wood effect tiles - No FM2R
>>carpeting the bathrooms is a peculiarly English habit. Never seen it anywhere else

No, I have never seen it elsewhere either.

Warmer countries tend to have very little in the way of carpeting, if anything. But even colder countries have considerably less than the UK.

Lost of countries have rugs and mats, but not fitted carpets.

But then we never had fitted carpets in our house other than the bedrooms until the 70s. Though perhaps that was our financial position more than custom, I wouldn't know.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - devonite
we have a fitted carpet in our bathroom/toilet, (polypropylene - feels like normal carpet underfoot), but can be washed /bleached even!, and we have a bit of vinyl carpet runner down the side of the bath,outside shower door and around the loo. been down 4 yrs now, no mould, staining, or unpleasent smells, but then we do run over it once a month with the Vax carpet cleaner along with the stairs and landings.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - Zero
>> we have a fitted carpet in our bathroom/toilet, (polypropylene - feels like normal carpet underfoot),
>> but can be washed /bleached even!,

Sounds like astroturf
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - devonite
you wouldn't know the difference (I think! ) ;-)
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - devonite
Between Wool carpet I mean -not Astroturf) !
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - legacylad
Thread revival.....I got sidetracked by re laying all my patios this summer, boiler & heating issues, trips away etc, but now returning to bathroom flooring.
The bathroom suite was removed and relocated FOC to a new loving home. Isn’t it nice that instead of simply dumping a 20yo full suite, it is gratefully received by a young couple starting out in life with not much money.
I’ve decided against the subject line. Both main and en-suite bathrooms receive very little sun, and laying porcelain tiles really needs to be done in conjunction with electric underfloor heating.
Click lock vinyl flooring seems to be the best compromise... easy to install, warmer, waterproof, and much easier than tiles to change in future.
 Porcelain wood effect tiles - R.P.
We had porcelain in our bathroom (east facing) - not too cold underfoot last winter. The vinyl stuff you mention is very popular and we considered it. Also considered laying heating elements under the floor but decided against it.
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