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 Thunder and Lightning - cool website - zippy
The dog was very unsettled last night and although we had bucket loads of rain, there wasn't any
thunder that we could hear.

I found this site. Turned on the thunder option and there was thunder, about 10-15 miles away.

The website plots the thunder wave and the dog got very unsettled as each wave approached. We couldn't hear any of it.

Our rain water measuring device recorded just above 4 cm of rain last night.
 Thunder and Lightning - cool website - Crankcase
Just spent about fifteen minutes staring at that, thanks. We British do love the weather.
 Thunder and Lightning - cool website - hjd
This one does the same but the website has a much better name..
 Thunder and Lightning - cool website - zippy
>> This one does the same but the website has a much better name..

Nah, the maps aren't as cool or zoomable!
 Thunder and Lightning - cool website - legacylad
We had a massive thunderstorm here in the Dales yesterday late afternoon. It was fascinating looking at the lightning strikes on the website, then hearing the thunder chez LL. A few miles from me at Malham they had 82mm of rain in 24 hours, almost all of it in 3 hours. I can see the Ribble weir at Settle from my place and the volume of water going over it looked mighty impressive just before dark.
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