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 Whaley Bridge - BiggerBadderDave
My tortoise escaped in Whaley Bridge more than 30 years ago. I wonder if it's still alive.
 Whaley Bridge - tyrednemotional
...if it is, it might be wishing it was a turtle...
 Whaley Bridge - Runfer D'Hills
It's fine, I heard it's just arrived in Stockport.
 Whaley Bridge - tyrednemotional anyone can describe something that has just arrived in Stockport as "fine" defeats me.....
 Whaley Bridge - No FM2R
Well, I dunno, it was coming from near Manchester so perhaps it feels very fine.
 Whaley Bridge - Manatee
Kept a boat in Whaley Bridge 2004-2006. Never saw a tortoise.
 Whaley Bridge - tyrednemotional
...according to this report:

....someone might have rescued BBD's tortoise....
 Whaley Bridge - No FM2R
....for lunch.
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 Whaley Bridge - BiggerBadderDave
What does Whaley Bridge and Brooklands have in common?

Shabby skimmed-thin concrete that was never up to the job.
 Whaley Bridge - BiggerBadderDave
"...according to this report:"

Clearly an open reactor core. Don't touch anything. Don't stare inside. Bury everything.
 Whaley Bridge - tyrednemotional
...I was rather referencing the somewhat more prosaic excerpt:

Another resident, who did not want to be named, said: "We just fled. I managed to take my nightdress and we've got the tortoise in the washing up bowl in the car." wonder she doesn't want to be named, if she's pinched BBD's tortoise.
 Whaley Bridge - BiggerBadderDave
I read that as "I managed to take my nightdress off".

Well, I hope she's looking after it. The other one died soon after.

We were staying in a caravan at the time to break the house-buying chain. Six months of hell. A family of five, a bulldog, two tortoises and a chemical toilet. Must have been 1986. If only the dam had collapsed then...
 Whaley Bridge - tyrednemotional probably burrowed its way into something to hide......
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