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 Timber care - bathtub tom
I've a hardwood (sapele I think) glazed front door and frame. It's been there for over forty years, South facing.
Initially I used to treat it with yacht varnish, but that never lasted. The last time I did it with Wickes ten year wood stain. That lived up to its name and some. That was a mahogany finish, but it was more like a paint in that it was opaque and too dark.
I'm thinking I'll burn it off and sand them down and use Sadolin. One coat of classic Burma teak, followed by a coat of extra durable Burma teak or clear (depending on what the first coat looks like).

Any opinions welcome.
 Timber care - Dulwich Estate II
Unless you are sure, absolutely sure, that the door is solid all the way through I'd be reluctant to burn off anything. If you have a sapele veneer then any heat could affect the adhesive and cause you untold problems.

If it was my door I'd only sand it.
 Timber care - bathtub tom
It is solid, I know. Anyway, I doubt if a veneer would survive an outdoor, South facing environment for forty-odd years.
 Timber care - bathtub tom
Started on it this afternoon. Soon gave up with trying to burn it off and made much faster progress with an orbital sander. Coped with the noise and dust - although I will wear a dust mask when I continue, but had to give up after an hour as the vibration meant I lost all feeling in my hand.
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What did you use in the end? My single storey extension...side door, patio doors and 6 large window frames over dwarf walls, are made of solid sapele and gets lots of afternoon and evening sun.
I’ve previously used combinations of Sikkens which only lasts 3 or so years before flaking off in the most exposed areas.
 Timber care - bathtub tom
Decided to go with Sadolin classic Burmese teak and will decide after that if I'm going to put Sadolin extra durable Burmese teak or clear on top, once it's stopped raining!

Mine face South and have been sun bleached after years of yacht varnish. The reveals show a beautiful near mahogany finish.
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