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 Artificial grass on decking - Bobby
Last autumn I bought an offcut from the local supplier of artificial grass. It is proper 40mm deep stuff. Was for a project out the front but I still haven’t got round to it.

Since I got it, it has lain on our decking and actually is really nice and many folk have commented that they like it.

Now one of my friends has asked me to cover her decking with it. Mine is just lying on my decking and can be rolled up at any time whereas she is wanting it down permanently.

The decking is obviously the pressure treated standard boards but I am guessing they would eventually rot as they will never dry out properly?

Is this a good idea or totally stupid?

And as a follow up, her decking has about 8 stairs up to it that are made of decking boards and very sloppy. Obviously I will be cleaning the boards but are there any suggestions on how to make them non slip in the easiest way?
 Artificial grass on decking - CGNorwich
Totally stupid I’m afraid to say. As well as promoting rot and hiding defective boards with use you will see the lines of the boards in the “grass”

As regards the steps decking can be absolutely lerthal when wet which is one of the reason I don’t like it but you can make it less of a hazard with this stuff.
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 Artificial grass on decking - Bobby
Can categorically say you do not see the lines of the boards on mine.
 Artificial grass on decking - CGNorwich
I would say it depends how close the boards are layed.

 Artificial grass on decking - Rudedog
We have probably ten wooden steps going down from decking to ground level, I've used a sticky-backed 50mm wide tape that is sold to make things non-slip, bit like heavy duty sandpaper.

Very good outdoor properties in all types of weather never had any issues with it peeling.

 Artificial grass on decking - Kevin
A neighbor who specialised in restoration of listed properties covered part of his back garden with artificial turf. He took great care to prep and level the surface with hardcore and sand before he laid the turf so I guess it needs pretty decent drainage. I'd be wary of unseen rot if it was laid permanently on wooden decking.
 Artificial grass on decking - Ambo
I put an excellent non-slip finish to the steel side decks of my narrowboat by painting them, pouring sand onto the wet paint, pressing it down and when dry, applying a finishing coat.

The dry, fine sand sold in pet shops for the bottoms of parrot cages and the like is best as it pours easily and evenly from a cut corner of its plastic bag.

A non-slip finish I have seen on wooden steps is wire netting, pulled down tight and nailed underneath.

 Artificial grass on decking - tyrednemotional
...I'm not sure I'd want to do it on decking itself (possibly the steps), but a very common method used on wooden footbridges, steps, etc. on footpaths is to hammer in galvanised "U" staples at intervals, leaving them just proud of the wood.

Fine when you're expecting people using the facility to have footwear, less so if you're expecting barefoot use. ;-)
 Artificial grass on decking - Slightlyfatdirector
Hi Bobby,

Regarding the slippy steps I would recommend some glass reinforced plastic screw-down strips. I fitted some to our decking and was a piece of cake to screw down, they are effective and you can also tread on them with bare feet.

Good value for money and work. If you look on eBay under 'antislip decking strips' you will see lots of colours and more importantly - lengths. They can be cut to size of course.

I have used the Cuprinol antislip paint mentioned above and Wood Finishes Direct tend to have the best price (might be on one of the cash-back websites too).

I had some very old uncared-for decking when we moved into our house a while ago. We used a pressure washer then a suitable cleaner, a few coats of cuprinol wood preserver then the antislip on the top. I think I have bought myself 3 or 4 years before I need to replace this now, and prior to this I thought it might last just a few months

Sadly cant tell you how good it is anti-slip-wise as I used it on an area of decking we wouldn't really use in the wet (done as a 'belt and braces' job just in case). The main part of the decking could not be saved and was replaced, and this is now about to get the wood preservative followed by anti-slip paint treatment I did to the rest now the decking is not brand-new.

The only comment is that the 'clear' antislip paint does come up a bit 'yellow', but does fade a little but after a year or so.

In terms of your original question, then I can't comment really but if the artificial grass is porous, then yes, I would think that the decking below might have a short life and it won't be visible when it is on it's last legs. If the wood gets soaked in lots of preservative first then it might keep it going for a few years, and if there is good ventilation maybe it will dry out on sunny days, but it might be a 'suck-it-and-see'.

Why not contact the artificial turf manufacturers for comment? They have probably seen all sorts of applications,
 Artificial grass on decking - devonite
we once had some very slippy wooden steps up into the granary on a farm I once worked on, - solution, spay some aerosol glue on them and throw a few handfuls of fine egg-timer type sand on them and sweep off the excess, result, lasted years and never slipped again! cost pennies.
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