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 Humidity sensors - legacylad
The arthritic pain in my left hip varies considerably depending upon humidity....nothing to do with heat and cold, as bitterly cold clear winter days are often pain free. I’m deferring a hip replacement as on a good day I can stick crack on and walk 15/18 miles without much pain. On a bad day it’s painful limping less than a mile into town.
I thought I’d monitor daily humidity levels where I live, and make side notes referring to the pain that was, or was not, present in varying degrees. Presumably its best to site the hygrometer outside where I have no control over the humidity ?

Incidentally it’s only the hip where I had invasive surgery many years ago that causes me pain. The other hip and both knees are still pretty good, despite a lifetime of sports and long distance walking....after breaking my right wrist a few times in climbing accidents, bone was scraped off my left hip and inserted ( unsuccessfully) as a repair job.
 Humidity sensors - Crankcase
Got an Alexa? Just say "Alexa, what's the humidity?"

Ok, it will be the humidity at some nearby point I suppose, but pretty cheap and easy, plus whatever other benefits Alexa gives you.

You could then add in a dehumidifier and a smart plug for a tenner, use the very easy to use IFTT service on the web to get it all to dry your living room out whenever it hits a certain number or something equally bonkers.

All good fun.

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