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 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - Bobby
My "man shed" out the back was previously a concrete section garage with a corrugated roof. The sort of cement fibre roof (but not asbestos).

I have put in a wood burning stove that comes up through the roof at the end of one of the "gullies". This therefore means that any rain water just fills the gulley as it cannot get past the pipe and flange that surrounds it.

I would therefore like to cover this gulley so that no rain actually falls into it. I am thinking I will either need to fill it with concrete from end to end (which will add weight to roof) or some sort of "half pipe" that could go over it and force rain down into the adjacent gullies.

Anyone got any other ideas? Overall length is probably around 4 metres. I am sure there is a simple solution out there!
 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - PeterS
Can you fashion something with lead (or substitute) flashing material to divert the water around I wonder?
 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - Bobby
I had been thinking of a half-section of a much bigger diameter plastic pipe, maybe would need to be a waste pipe as opposed to gutter, for the size I would need. Sit it on top, straddling the two gullies and silicon it down?

Would look silly but don't really see it though would need to make sure it didn't get blown off in high winds.
 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - Zero
I would get a sheet of lead flashing and seal the pipe to the roof.
 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - Kevin
When I assembled Mrs K's garden shed I painted the underside of the floor with bitumen paint and covered the supporting joists with bitumen flashing. Flexible, waterproof and the flashing sticks well to the bitumen paint with no leaks. No obvious problems after about 10 years.
 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - Zero
Bitumen round hot stove pipes might be an issue, and Bobby has form for stuff catching fire.
 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - Kevin
Ah. You're right. Bobby's idea of half piping will have the same issues if it's plastic.
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 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - martin aston
You don't need to fill the whole gulley. If you fill back up the gulley from the flue, with cement, just enough to avoid a "sink", the water will run off either side. Depending on the pitch of the roof it will only be a few inches of filling.
 Covering a section of corrugated roofing - Zero
If you pour a self leveling screed down the gully, it will create the perfect "spillway" As martin says it wont be that much
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