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 Poisoning a tree stump - Ambo
The was a neighbour's massive, triple-stemmed Lawson's Cypress growing close to our mutual boundaries. The roots were cracking our driveway and I feared for our sewer and later our house foundations. We were relieved when a new neighbour had it felled but the stump was too awkwardly placed to grind it down so it was left in place.

Nearly a year on it is producing new shoots, the cracking shows signs of continuing and other shoots are appearing in an adjacent Dutch wall. Before I tackle the neighbour about it are there any other suggestions on killing it off? The roots must be approaching his property too but there are no external signs as yet.
 Poisoning a tree stump - CGNorwich
No need to buy anything toxic. Just drill 1 inch holes on the top and downward sloping holes on the side the trunk and fill the holes with rock salt. Works every time
 Poisoning a tree stump - No FM2R
You need to be a bit careful with the roots.

If they are big, they die and then rot then that can cause anything above them to subside, which may be worse than what you have now.

You need a proper tree guy to come in and look and advise. Because killing it may not be the smart thing.
 Poisoning a tree stump - CGNorwich
Probably a bit late to be concerned abouts now I wouldthink. Cedar is likely die anyway fairly shortly anyway after having been sawn down. Most tree eventually succumb to root shock although it can take a few years.

Most tree damage is not physically caused by the the roots themselves but by the amountof water a tree consumes. A mature oak can take up to 100 gallons a day for example . Particularly in clay soils when a tree is removed the extra water can cause soil heave resulting in foundation damage.
 Poisoning a tree stump - No FM2R
Best to ask an expert.

In the case of a large tree I had the recommendation was that the roots to be allowed to die as slowly as possible allowing the surrounding environment to adjust.

But hey, I'm no expert, that's why I always ask them rather than try to guess.
 Poisoning a tree stump - Bobby
Dad had a similar issue.

We looked at all the drill hole remedies which actually is quite difficult when trunk is very wet.
Spoke to his local gardener guy who hired a portable stump grinder and it was gone in a couple of hours even though initial thoughts were he wouldn’t be able to access it.
 Poisoning a tree stump - bathtub tom
I removed an albeit much smaller plum tree stump with SBK poured into the drilled holes.
 Poisoning a tree stump - Haywain
I always deal with tree stumps by drilling holes and filling with concentrated glyphosate.
 Poisoning a tree stump - Dulwich Estate II
SBK works well for me:

I drill a few holes, say 12mm diameter and pour it in neat. Then, cover it with a large flowerpot and forget about it.
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 Poisoning a tree stump - Fullchat
I have used SBK mixed with waste oil with success

I had an ash tree professionally removed and the guy cut a groove around the perimeter of the stump with his chainsaw then added rock salt. Also worked.
 Poisoning a tree stump - Ambo
Many thanks for the various tips.
 Poisoning a tree stump - Ambo
False alarm. The shoots turned out to be right up against the stump but not of it. The tree surgeon who felled the tree said, from 40 years' experience, that he had never known a Lawson Cyprus stump recover after felling. My driveway must be cracking from some other cause.

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