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 Alexa amusement - Crankcase
In order to enjoy this, you need to tick the three boxes below. It'll be just me I expect, but I always hope some non contributing avid reader is lapping this stuff up. Fat hope.

Have an Alexa

Enjoy G&S a lot

Enjoy something silly

If so, say "Alexa, sing me a song about digital intelligence".

As an extra aside, and this will almost certainly be just me, if anyone likes Hinge and Bracket, then one of their ancient radio series is starting on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Monday.

We like them a lot, on many levels, and have just watched all three series of Dear Ladies on DVD. Just saying.

 Alexa amusement - sooty123
 Alexa amusement - Duncan
Gilbert and Sullivan?

Gavin and Stacey?
 Alexa amusement - legacylad
Gin & sunshine ?
 Alexa amusement - tyrednemotional
God & Satan?
 Alexa amusement - Zero
>> Gilbert and Sullivan?

Indeedy and having tried said command its from G & S , PoP!

Strangely enough 'er indoors was lucky enough to go and see the Mikado the the ENO at the Colosseum on Friday, she came 'ome enthused she did. Alas there was only one spare ticket going so i didn't get to see it.

 Alexa amusement - Zero

>> We like them a lot, on many levels, and have just watched all three series
>> of Dear Ladies on DVD. Just saying.

On no level am I at all surprised by this, you and your missus are our own little time warp on here, our own little pet eccentrics.
 Alexa amusement - Crankcase
Funnily enough we looked at the ENO Mikado site today and also thought it was off because just one ticket.

But I did find this, for the keen, if there's anything near you.
 Alexa amusement - smokie
I've only ever seen one of their shows (it is operetta?) - and that was The Pirates of Penzance, with George Cole as the Major (which ages me!)

In fact Wikipedia says "The production opened at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, London, on 26 May 1982, to generally warm reviews, for a run of 601 performances. Notable among the cast were George Cole and Ronald Fraser as the Major-General; Pamela Stephenson as Mabel; Michael Praed and Peter Noone as Frederic; Tim Curry, Timothy Bentinck, Oliver Tobias and Paul Nicholas as the Pirate King; Chris Langham as the Sergeant of Police; Annie Ross as Ruth; Bonnie Langford as Kate; and Louise Gold as Isabel.[108]"

... so there were more "names" in it than I am remembering!

I thoroughly enjoyed it and at the time said it would be something I'd do again, but I never have...
 Alexa amusement - Zero
I was due to see Process Ida at the Minack, but the weather was so foul the performance was cancelled.
 Alexa amusement - Crankcase
Well, if you are not a purist, because both G and S are right now rolling in their graves, then the Australians (Essgee Entertainment) went mad with The Mikado. They also did an equally whacky Pirates of Penzance.

We have the dvds of the performances, but there are some (really poor quality) bits on YouTube if anyone cares.

So if you don't know "Let the punishment fit the crime" from The Mikado and you want to see a bonkers low quality version of it:

I've started the video where it gets going.

YouTube also of course has many "proper" versions of this song, which are just as much fun, but in a different way.

And I do appreciate G&S are totally Marmite, you love it or you hate it, with nowt in between.

 Alexa amusement - Manatee
I love the Mikado and G&S generally, within reason. My parents did a lot of amateur musicals including a few G&S's. I was absurdly pleased back in the late 80's to discover that I had been booked into a hotel at Harrow Weald that turned out to be W.S.Gilbert's old house. There was a G&S concert on at the time, and I took to using it regularly for a while. The small bar was in Gilbert's old private sitting room IIRC.

I like this version of 'little list'
 Alexa amusement - Crankcase
Very nice. I had seen that one before but had forgotten it, so thanks for the reminder. I think the time I saw the list song live, Tony Blair was on it, so it's about time we got booked in somewhere!I

 Alexa amusement - MD
OMG Smokie. A cast that I would have loved to have seen. North Devon is fine, but it is a mile or so away from any decent theatre. One of the major things that we miss.
 Alexa amusement - Crankcase
This week's excitement.

Alexa, sing the flower of Scotland.

Worryingly, it sings it better than I can.
 Alexa amusement - tyrednemotional
...won't be long before a disembodied voice will come out of the blue "Crankcase, sing The Horst Wessel song"......
 Alexa amusement - Crankcase
Hmm. Right at the end of the Kenneth Williams Diaries, as he is about to commit suicide, he writes "oh, what's the b***** point?"

I asked Alexa that question today, and learned something I didn't know. She just won't shut up, will she.

 Alexa amusement - Bromptonaut
I have a playlist of about 100 tracks few if any of which are anything special but are things I remember or like because they pop up on things like Pick of the Pops or the late great Desmond Carrington's programme.

I call it my Eclectic Playlist.

Alexa; Shuffle my Eclectic Playlist works about 75% of time. If she gets it wrong it's usually some Drag List by Ru Paul.......
 Alexa amusement - No FM2R
>>Drag List by Ru Paul..

I think there are a few obvious questions which need to be asked and answered.............
 Alexa amusement - R.P.
One doing the rounds in Wales is. "Alexa, translate Boris Carrot 100" into Welsh.
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