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 Clive James, Jonathan Miller, Gary Rhodes - CGNorwich
Clive James has died as has Jonathan Miller and Gary Rhodes. Will miss the all but particularly Clive James. A brilliant broadcaster and author
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 Clive James - Robin O'Reliant
One of my favourite broadcasters. Jonathan Millar passed me by and I'd probably heard of Gary Rhodes but wouldn't have known who he was.
 Clive James - Lygonos
"Religion is an advertising agency for a product that doesn't exist."

Was always a guy I'd watch whether highbrow or lowbrow programmes.
 Clive James - Runfer D'Hills
Used to really enjoy the Clive James show on a Sunday night and indeed the Margarita Pracatan slots at the end. Can remember being helpless with laughter.
 Clive James - MD
He once said that he had taken a lift in a ship across some huge ocean on perhaps some steerage arrangement and that his cabin, at the stern, happened to be on the side where the prop shaft was not quite true, his brief description of the racket conjured up a picture that to this day makes me grin.
 Clive James - legacylad
CJ. I’ve a few of his books somewhere. ‘Unreliable Memoirs’ springs to mind.
I’ll try to find it
 Clive James - MD
>> CJ. I’ve a few of his books somewhere. ‘Unreliable Memoirs’ springs to mind.
>> I’ll try to find it
I think it is in there LL.
 Clive James - Duncan
He died at the weekend and his funeral has already taken place, apparently.
 Clive James - henry k
>> He died at the weekend and his funeral has already taken place, apparently.
Yes he died on Sunday and his funeral was at his college in Cambridge.

Some quotes
 Clive James - CGNorwich
CJ on Jeremy Corbyn

”I admire the way his principles are uninhibited by reason. I also like his beard, which reminds me of one of the beards I grew at various times in my life when I wished to prove I was still a student, even though the years had passed. Corbyn is a student at heart. I was part of the press corps that followed Michael Foot’s kamikaze 1983 general election campaign, and I recognise the look. Foot didn’t have the beard, but he had the same eyes, glittering with goodness.”
 Clive James - R.P.
Clive James was a staple in our house in the 80s. It was more unreliable memories in our house earlier, one of us has the autobiography when our households merged, I'm sure it was me, Mrs RP is sure it was her...!

JR was on my radar - mainly through Private Eye taking the p**s from him at times, and probably more through stuff I heard on Radio 4. Not much a Theatre buff though !

I had heard of Rhodes, but don't really get this celebrity chef thing ....the word "celebrity" puts me off..
 Clive James - martin aston
Clive was also a brilliant lyricist. He wrote for Pete Atkin for many years starting in the 70's.
The songs usually have a strong narrative and a clever turn of phrase.

I am sure many on here will be familiar with these, but if not, it's worth dipping in. "The Beautiful Stranger" usually listed under Pete Atkin (not Madonna!) is a good one to start with but there are dozens of good ones.
 Clive James - R.P.
BBC reporting that Rhodes died of "head injuries".
 Clive James - Bromptonaut
>> BBC reporting that Rhodes died of "head injuries".

Suggestion seems to be that he fell (in the shower?) and banged his head resulting in a subdural haematoma. As he died in Dubai might there still be an inquest in the UK?
 Clive James - R.P.
Yes, if the repatriate his body.
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