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 Boeing 737 Max and it's problems - No FM2R

This is worth the effort. It starts out all BBC emotional Front Page and sensationalist, but it then settles down into a very informative article which I found useful.
 Boeing 737 Max and it's problems - smokie
I read that earlier. I'm finding quite a few of their "long reads" are interesting and informative.
 Boeing 737 Max and it's problems - No FM2R
Me too.
 Boeing 737 Max and it's problems - zippy
Yet another problem... (737 next gen)

All ok unless you land at one of the 7 effected airports (all with runways at 270 degrees).
 Executive payoff - smokie
I know its in his contract and he's probably worth it blah blah but it seems a bit ripe that the "Former Boeing chief Dennis Muilenburg has left the company with $62m (£48m) in compensation and pension benefits." and another $18m in shares yet the fine for "knowingly installing faulty parts on 737 Max planes" is likely to be $5.4m or less.

NB the fine is over slat tracks not the faulty software but nevertheless to me, still sounds like a fairly serious failing.
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